Dear Wisconsin Goers of the State Fair:

I am an African-American male that was born and raised in the state’s largest City and County of Milwaukee. I know that during the first day of the Wisconsin State Fair that you had to see the melee in regarding the youth of my culture messing up the midway, which now requires them under 21 to show ID’s in order to enter the park. I was embarrassed and condemning the actions of the young folks who messed up the midway, and yes, I cannot blame the white man. The failure is those who are responsible for letting them to run rapid in an unsportsmanlike conduct. I do realize that this State Fair has been long running for 160 years. I do hope that it shouldn’t end all because of a shall we say: “knuckleheads”. The same “knuckleheads” who had the gall to go on the air at 1290 WMCS to confess it was all about entertainment. I’ve seen entertainment too. But that was NOT entertainment for any standards. And I think and believe that you (the Caucasian audience) shouldn’t also blame MC Hammer or any old school hip hop artists that tried to make the event on the first night, good as possible.

Now since the State Fair is over, alot of you still blame Blacks for EVERYTHING. Not all African Americans don’t go out and cause a havoc to ruin a good time. Let me tell you about me on some pointers:

  • One I am active in my community.
  • Two: I work everyday.
  • Three: I don’t have a criminal record. Never been convicted.
  • Fourth: Never had a female pregnant or had unprotected sex.
  • Fifth: I do vote in elections, and I have 2 college degrees from one of the famed Wisconsin Technical Colleges and the University of Wisconsin-Stout. And I was discriminated against my race one time when I was looking for a job, guess where? Waukesha! The same Waukesha that couldn’t get the votes straight. I was raised with 2 parents (not one) and come from a well-educated, christian/United Methodist Church background. I wasn’t raised to do harm like that, and I don’t do it. Do you hear me, Wisconsin? I hope you do!

For me, I haven’t been to the State Fair in years, since the Ninja Turtles were a hit on TV. But on the last day, August 14th, 2011 I went to the fair and I was pleased to attend and check out some stuff. And no I didn’t check into the State Fair Police, no State Troopers, No West Allis Police, No Milwaukee County Sheriff Deputies, AND most of all; no Milwaukee Police Department for any problems!

To say that “all blacks” are the blame for society’s problems is Utter Nonsense. I read some of the Wisconsin State Fair Facebook comments and they are talking about not having blacks at the fair anymore all because of the melee. Is that racist? I mean the State Fair is near the most segregated city in America, duh!!! Listen badger folks. This State Fair is for ALL citizens of Wisconsin, not just for white folks. And not just for other ethnic folks whom are not black. The State Fair, for a while, didn’t have anything for my culture. NOT A THING! Until years ago when other black artists came to the Fair, to be more diverse. Let tell you what you should know. Wisconsin’s Black population is about 6.15% overall, and the Greater Milwaukee Area houses only 86% in Milwaukee, Racine, Beloit, and Kenosha. What does that mean you ask? Review the population and see it for yourself. How many folks per year does the State Fair invite? And which percentage of that does involve African-Americans? In my view, partially or few. The Wisconsin State Fair has to learn to cater to ALL citizens. Including African-Americans. To shut out my race of folks from the fair all because of the melee would bring nothing but more racism. Where as those who are Caucasians, per say, would not be welcome to Milwaukee’s African American Events like African World Festival or Juneteenth Day. Talk about “a spade is a spade”.  I hate to bring this WordPress! But again, it’s another day on the battlefield. As a matter of fact, all races IMHO had problems or issues. Hey, nobody’s perfect.

I ask this as a resident. Don’t always judge a book by its cover. Tupac Shakur once said that “Only God Can Judge Me”. Not the Caucasian residents of West Allis. Not any resident of any county, city, district, neighborhood, or any voting district that are non-black in this state! I don’t pass judgment on anyone myself. I am no position to do that. Those who caused the melee at the State Fair have done the miscues. Which similar to last year when Mayor Tom Barrett was beaten up by a 20+ something, who happens to be white. I remember reading that and prayed that Mayor Barrett was totally living.

Some of you are waiting for that November 1st date when the rookie Governor’s law becomes legal for concealed carry weapons. I have a question, what if it backfires? Think about it. And who would be the blame? I’m just saying. So again, to the Wisconsin State Fair: I want to thank those who organized the days for their hard work. And I would expect more of the same in the future.

On Wisconsin!

Stephen’s Spot

P.S. – in addition to UWM days, have more UW-Alumni to come out for free date. Like UW-Stout. Just a hunch.


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