You asked and commented: Why didn’t everyone in Wisconsin voted in the Recalls?

Posted: August 12, 2011 in Decision Factors, Editorial
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Dear America:

The State of Wisconsin had a Recall election this past Tuesday trying to unseat 6 Wisconsin Republican Senators who unanimously turned away and supported the Budget Repair Bill for the rookie Governor, Scott Walker. But the question that lingers on you is why only a few in the state voted and the rest didn’t?

The several districts in Wisconsin which represented Alberta Darling, Luther Olsen, Robert Cowles, Sheila Harsdorf, Randy Hopper, Dan Kapanke, were all targets for recall, but only 2 fell to the democrats. Now most of you were saying that it was a loss. And the Wisconsin voters need to get off their fat cottage cheese butts and vote more (Oh, I read that on Facebook!!!!!! WOW! from a Bears fan.) Anyway the main reason why not every Wisconsinite didn’t vote up was because mainly of the chosen districts, in which the Republicans were targeted. If the district didn’t have a candidate running, then there was no voting for that area that day. I hope EVERY American can understand. Now, if Milwaukee were on the list, and if either Senator Coggs or Taylor were to be recalled, Milwaukee would be jammed packed wall to wall with support at the polls. Madison would be the same.

So regardless of this outcome America, Wisconsin has to deal with the political Bull of Scott Walker and the Majority of the legislative of Republicans in the state. But the thought of the two victories has gotten to Walker in admittance that he MUST learn to work with the Democrats to get the state moving forward. (ala Jobs, etc)

But the progressive thing in Wisconsin has restarted. Those two wins has ignited a new revolution in the state unions, teachers, and any other person who was sick and tired of being stripped of their rights to collective bargaining. Now to those so-called Tea Party in the state: I would say that is what democracy looked like, but on the urban tip: REAL TALK!

So America: even though that Wisconsin should have done more in getting rid of Alberta Darling and company, but the progressive side does have a wild card in the deck. Research State Senator Dale Schultz. Now he is a Wisconsin Republican, but he has been well known to work BOTH sides of the aisle and has been also known to break away from the Republicans in the state. Plus I’ve heard he’s a Wild Card in the State Senate. Matter of fact, Sen. Schultz IS the balance of power in the Senate. Be on the look out for him. And that could be a major play in the Recall against Scott Walker.


Stephen’s Spot.

P.S. – Packers Rule!

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