Oh yeah, I’m about to vent today y’all. Wisconsin State Fair had one of the worst starts of its 160 years. All because of the young black folks between 15-20 years old just causing a ruckus of pain messing things up. Did I say black? You are so right. This is one of the reasons why I think most of America looks down on us. Although we have been in positive lights with great accomplishments. When I reading the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel this morning about the incident, I have to ask, where were the parents? I mean seriously, why weren’t the parents around? It’s all about the foundation that needs to be established in a new way. I’m not going to blame the white man on this one. No. I’m blaming the black man, the black woman (or parents) , the black clergy, the black students, the black mentors, the black CEO’s,  the black…….whatever. I’m sorry to say this! But when something happens like this happens, we (African-Americans) must check ourselves for real. Ice Cube wrote a song about checking ourselves BEFORE wrecking ourselves. If you are handling your business, I do appreciate.

And to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Fox 6 News Facebook/Online Commentators, STOP BLAMING MC HAMMER! He had nothing to do with this at all! Period. From what I have heard he had to stop his show just to pray for those who were hurt by the incident at the State Fair. Even he wouldn’t like this at all. Everyone has to ask, where’s Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Gwen Moore, Bill Cosby or Mikel Holt? Where were they when this happened? Matter of fact, where were YOU?!! – Those hiding behind the computer. Just to reference, Hammer is not 2pac, nor Lil’ Wayne. And these kids and teens weren’t even BORN when Hammer had 2 Legit 2 Quit, or U Can’t Touch This rap hits.  And plus, to the new mentors of young black men, it is time to step up.

Also the businesses like the Milwaukee County Morgue and local Funeral Homes need to start implementing an idea about gathering young folks to attend “mock funerals”. You heard of these, right? Remember when Maury used to have those unruly teens (and some adults) on his show years back, and they were all in a big surprise when Motivational Speaker D West came out? You know it was business time! What D West did is took the teens and adults to local prisons to have them to be searched, finger printed, photographed and in the cells with the inmates. I can see the County doing that. OR the County Morgue in where they saw the bodies of men and women (regardless of color) toe tagged in a body bag and ready to be shipped to a local funeral home for final preparations. Or if that’s not bad enough, having them to go to a local funeral home and to be placed in a casket just to see what their lives can be if they continue to go that road. Oh, yes. I’m not talking about that “WWF Undertaker/Paul Bearer/Funeral Parlors thing”, I’m talking about the real deal! Even if its visiting the crematory.

Note to the Motivational Speakers in Milwaukee – I urge you to implement and pursue these ideas!!! You can do all the direct stuff if you want. But adding these options would be enough to scare them straight.

It’s enough of one thing, to love your city. But it’s even harder to hate it. Frederick Douglass once said that “a true patriot is a lover of his country, who rebukes and does not excuse it’s sins.” Now in today’s era, that would be considered “real talk”.

Now since this happened: The Wisconsin State Fair has implemented a new rule regarding this:

Wisconsin State Fair Youth Admission Policy

Effective Friday, August 5, 2011

1. All youth under the age of eighteen (18) years of age are required to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian (age 21+) to be admitted to the Wisconsin State Fair after 5:00pm.

2. Anyone age 18 years or over may be asked to show a valid driver’s license or state identification card for proof of age in order to be admitted to the Wisconsin State Fair without a parent or guardian after 5:00pm.

3. Any young adult without a valid driver’s license or state identification card and not accompanied by a parent or guardian will not be admitted after 5:00pm.

4. Exceptions and challenges to this policy will be satisfied at the discretion of Fair Management.

Source: Wisconsin State Fair Admission Policy : http://www.wistatefair.com/11_web/pdf/Wisconsin_State_Fair_Admission_Policy_Effective_8.5.11.pdf


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