Milwaukee’s African World Festival is back again for another year (even on one day) Plus, I got something to add.

Posted: August 3, 2011 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Editorial, Education
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I’ll say this. I’m glad that Milwaukee’s African World Festival is back in August. Or should I say, yet again. And it maybe only for one day, but I’m glad it’s back again. Now we all know why that is because of past financial issues with debts. I know by reading the history, I’m thinking why this Festival since 1982, was having it’s problems previously. Was it mismanagement? Probably. I know I shouldn’t front, but that can be for any company or any organization. We know. So there is nothing wrong of rebuilding. That is what African World Festival is doing. With all the acts of Charlie Wilson or Fred Hammond and the acts that are for the” over 40 crowd” (which I have no problem with) maybe this could be a way for the product to be built again. Last year, I saw some of my High School Friends rocking the Potowanomi Area, with rap music and spit poetry, which catered to my generation. (No disrepect Old School Milwaukee folks, but we need some of us to represent)

Now those who think that having a One Day thing is a stupid idea: I want to address this to those who think this: Where were you?!!!! You are the ones going around complaining about nothing to do in all. Are you the same ones that are making fools of yourselves on the 9:00pm news like at Riverwest and stuff back on July 3rd? Following those who think like you and do things like you to get attention? I’m talking to those who sit on their rear ends, always whining and complaining about nothing on Facebook, complaining about this, and complaining about that. If you really “care” about African World Festival so much, then why don’t you join up and bring your ideas to motion! Volunteer or something. Go to their meetings and events. I’m saying this as an African-American citizen of this city, not some outsider who thinks to have an answer for everything. That’s one of the main reasons why (you know what I’m saying).

This goes to those who thought that John Marshall High School closed up. If you haven’t been paying attention, Marshall is still open! It had gone through changes, but the building is still open. Go to the website: and get the truth. Plus talk to the Alumni Association and get the truth also. Don’t just “hear” from “your friends” in all, because they probably heard it wrong too! And plus, the school is still celebrating 50 years in the city.

If you aren’t part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.  Get it right, Milwaukee. And God bless the African World Festival for another year.


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