I got this idea from a Facebook Group Site that just came up. So instead of being a copycat, I decided to list things that I know are Milwaukee – Related. Some should make you think, but it is a way to remember those days:

You know if you’re from Milwaukee if…….

  • You used to go to restaurants like Arthur Treachers, Zantigos, and Red Barn.
  • You at one time went into Mill Road Theaters when Boyz N’ the Hood came out. Admit it!
  • You always smell beer for some reason going north on I-94 downtown.
  • You always remember that there was a green sheet in the Milwaukee Journal. Plus a Jump magazine.
  • You remember at one time Capitol Court had a theater, and a Gimbels.
  • You remember when Jeffery Dahmer was on the news like everyday.
  • You remember when the MCTS had the Number 1 Metrolink. (And the Number 2)
  • You remember that Riverside University High School was once called “East Division.”
  • You remember that North Division and Lincoln High Schools were the prominent rival schools. (North-Lincoln Rivalry)
  • You remember when North Division was “Real”.
  • You remember that John Marshall High School was THE school to go (back in the 70’s).
  • You remember when V100 started to play “new material”.
  • You first heard that Hot 102 was about to become New Rock 102.1 for again “new material”.
  • You always see the Jesus car up and down Wisconsin Avenue.
  • You remember when the Packers used to play some of their home games at County Stadium.
  • You remember when African World Festival was ALL three days
  • You remember when the city was a hotbed for pro wrestling, before the WWE.
  • You remember when there was store in Wauwatosa named Zayre.
  • If you shopped at a Pick N’ Save, a Cub Foods, a Jewel, and now a Piggly Wiggly in the same area of Capitol Court.
  • If you gone to the Mecca Arena for Bucks Games and Wrestling.
  • If you went to a AWA Wresting match and watch “Da Crusher” or “Mad Dog Vachon”.
  • If you remember smelling ambrosia chocolate or beer on the freeway.
  • If you remember the Boulevard Inn was near Washington Park before it was burned down by another company.
  • If you remember or heard that Washington Park was originally the County Zoo.
  • If you had family members who worked at places like Pfister & Vogel, Allis Chalmers,  or Trostels.
  • If you heard stories that every store in Milwaukee was closed on Sundays.
  • If you knew that Metropolitan High School used to be “Lapham Park”.
  • If you remember Pig and Whistle, a frozen custard shop in Shorewood. Besides Leon’s, and Kopp’s.
  • When Milwaukee had 2 Parades in the summer: City of Festivals and the Circus Parade back to back.
  • If you went to The Rave for a concert when it used to be The Eagles Club. Admit it.
  • If you went to the Pabst Mansion when it was a Haunted House and got scared every Halloween.
  • When Channel 18 had a first for 9:00pm news segment. And Tami Hughes was making a debut.
  • When the WWE (then the WWF) had a County Stadium appearance  called WrestleFest.
  • When Jerry Taff used to say “Good Night and better tomorrows”.
  • When Channel 24 had “Martin” on during the first season, and that one Halloween show was almost getting good until the station had technical difficulties. Anyone over 30 should remember that!
  • When you heard that when McDonald’s was first built, you had to drive from one part of town just to get to it.
  • When Duane Gay was on the air commenting “That’s the way I see it. How about you?” on Channel 18 News. (Or Super 18)
  • When you hear constant noise of rumble every 5 years of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Anniversary.
  • When Channel 12 acquired Eleanor Hayes as an Anchorwoman- a first in Black History of the station.
  • When Colder’s used to have those spooky Halloween commercials. I mean SPOOKY! Next to Gordon Furniture’s eerie commercial towards the end.
  • When you now have to either watch “Morning Blend” or now “Real Milwaukee”.
  • Milwaukee is known for being a Cream City, A Genuine City and Chicago’s little brother.
  • When of all things you really have to do,  Lake Michigan or Bradford Beach Gatherings.
  • When the MCTS used to have “Accordion Style” buses and the ripcords that used to make that buzzing noise.
  • You had someone to buy a Beat It coat at JL Marcus back in the 80’s.
  • You still call Milwaukee, “Brew City” – which is nothing wrong at all.
  • You always find “that spot” every July 3rd at Veterans Park.
  • You hear F-16’s flying overhead almost every summer practicing for the Air & Water Show.
  • When John Marshall High School was a “Junior-Senior High School” and it was large over 3,000 students.

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