Milwaukee – A dumb city? Really?!

Posted: August 1, 2011 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Decision Factors, Editorial, Local
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In the wake of the City Common Council’s decision to have Milwaukee a potential Streetcar city again, I had to crack up and laugh of the haters who opposed this. Mainly on the JSOnline website. There were folks from all over majorily that despised the idea of having a Streetcar project in Milwaukee. One went far by saying that “Milwaukee is the dumbest city in America” all because of the Streetcar thing. I have to say one thing about that: REALLY?!

So Milwaukee is dumb city, all because of a streetcar. You know what’s really dumb: being that the city is the 4th in America that is poor, 8th when it comes to teen pregnacy,  55% of African Americans are unemployed, and above all else: Number 1.-  Number one when it comes to be as the most Segregated City in the United States. Now that’s Dumb!

This Streetcar project will not make Milwaukee a dumb city. I’ve seen Orlando and New Orleans use this system and they aren’t “dumb cities”. I certainly hope that the Streetcar thing can produce more infrastructure jobs so those that are in high unemployment can at least work and pay some bills. Did you know that Milwaukee has the most unemployed folks, which ties in to the Black Community? Hmmm, I bet the JSOnline commentators didn’t pick that up. This project has been in the war for over 20 years. Now folks are supposed to be surprised that it’s a mistake? Really Milwaukee? So we are supposed to be this city full of rich history of beer and Harley-Davidson only and cannot move forward to be in the 21st Century like other cities in all? Look, I stated in my last blog that there is nothing wrong with the nostalgic stuff. But even cities like this one needs to get “on board”. Even if its to retain and attract young talent. Even young black talent. (that’s right I said it!) I will admit that Milwaukee has made alot of dumb things. And I will admit that in almost of my 35 years as a citizen of the city, that Milwaukee has made dumb decisions on all angles. More for one set of people, and less for the other. But having a Streetcar to be built by 2014 is not one of them. Maybe those who opposed this are the same folks who think having High Speed Rail is a (oh what’s that word…..) Boondoggle. I can remember that about 15 years ago when everyone was concerned about the Brewers, and if the then new stadium (Miller Park) wasn’t designed and built, they would move. Just to reflect, wasn’t the words “Build It Now” rang the minds? It’s been 10 years since the completion of Miller Park, and I don’t hear the folks that much complaining.

Think it over, Brew City!

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