Planking: A word and action that should not be mocked or made fun of.

Posted: July 28, 2011 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Editorial, Reflections
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There has been all talk and some action about the word planking. This word has an action about having a person lying face down with the arms at the sides and thinking it’s some sort of game. Well, apparently, it’s not a game. That planking thing that some of the folks are doing as a game thing, happens to have a connection with slavery. I hate to say this to planking fans out there that the game of lying facedown is not fun. There were folks of my ancestry had to go through that. And now we’re seening this on Jimmy Kimmel, and other shows and on Youtube? Oh, God!

This also reached to someone who thinks that planking wasn’t apart of slavery. I looked on this website of MrsGrapvine. That’s an celebrity type website. And this author had to somewhat defend that it’s all a big farce that planking wasn’t part of slavery. Who ever is this person is, needs to review why planking was used during slavery and check again. Ok, so I’m not in a position to judge no one. But if this “MrsGrapevine” needs to research it more, I’ll say it like this: “Your story about planking is dull. Start researching this even more with actual folks like educators than off the street!” And I would add, just a suggestion.

When I was in Detroit on a Family Reunion Trip, I was visiting the African American Museum and I heard that the word Nautica wasn’t always a mention of a jacketwear. Nautica was actually a slave ship that transported the slaves from Africa. And plus, there was a word of Picnic. Now you’re asking what does the word picnic have to do with slavery? Auction blocks for one. And the word picnic has it’s interchangeables with “pick a (n word)” As curious as this is, that is why I say cookouts more than picnics. Technically saying picnic at times wasn’t that huge to comment, but when it comes to slavery stuff that is when I change up my own context.

I understand that there are lot of young kids and some young adults my age are doing this so-called planking thing. Folks: this is not a joke. If there are any real parents and real neighbors in WordPress, or outside of the blogosphere, get with your child or teen and educate them about this planking. And you reteach yourselves. Hate to say it. But it needed to be said.


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