About time, Milwaukee! Build the darn thing and get it over with! Jeez!!!

Posted: July 15, 2011 in Local, Reflections
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Brew City, I’m not talking about the Prince Fielder winning the MVP of the All-Star Game. I’m talking about a machine that I would think would increase the value of transpiration in this city. Streetcars. Face it Milwaukee, were behind. It’s time to catch up with the 21st Century. I’m not talking about taking away the nostalgic notions around here. You can keep those. But there is nothing wrong about taking a new step of transportation just to find a way to get things going. Just many months ago, the now Rookie Governor Scott Walker rejected 823 Million Dollars over many thought it was a so-called boondoggle. Really Wisconsin Voters? No wonder that everyone else is speeding ahead and this state, THIS STATE is falling behind. There are folks here who just don’t want to change. And those who want to change.

If this Streetcar thing could be the answer to get jobs going, and make profitable income in the Milwaukee economy, then I say this: GET IT DONE! Even if it will attract black workers looking for jobs (I hope so!!!!) Lot of folks think that it will be a mistake. Well, tell that to those who don’t have a car. Like they know. And for the record, that yes, this was an ideal thought of Mayor Tom Barrett.

Even though that there may be people in this city that may or may not like this idea, but hey, you have to do something. What do you do? Either you try something, or just don’t DO nothing. Your move, Milwaukeeans. Just don’t make the move that you’ll regret negatively.


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