Oh the GOP is just full of it. Michelle Bachmann and her GOP/Tea Party Compatriots, had recently revealed that President Obama is failing the African-American Community in regarding jobs. Really? is that what this all about? When was the last time that ANY MEMBER of the GOP ever reached out to African-Americans for jobs in the last decade or so? Explain that to me. When was the last time that ANY president before Obama (and I mean BEFORE Obama) had reached out to African-Americans and having the ability to have them to seek out and complete missions for jobs? NONE. Except for Bill Clinton, in my view. Remember the bull market that struck 20,000 points?  Remember that?Hope so. Obviously, this is nothing new. Even Newt Gingrich should know better. Now for those who are thinking, this is not making a racial statement at all. Yes, the President should be out there making job possibilities and getting them to the African-American families and community. Just like everyone else. But when you really think about the barriers, this to me is nothing more that mere sham just to make us the average viewer look crazy.

After all that, it’s apparent another example of trying to make President Obama look to be a”one term president”. Why wasn’t Bush a “One Term President”? Hello Conservative base! That was your boy which I didn’t voted for. Just remember that President Obama is the President of the United States. Not just the Black Community. Here in the Milwaukee Area, there was an ad that was put out for unemployed black construction workers by Senator Lena Taylor via Facebook. Some folks got all upset for NO Reason just because a black politician trying to reach out to the African-American community. Why did she post it you asked? Just to help out. And maybe she would know how to reach out and have connections! Don’t be curious non-blacks.

Yo: do I think that President Obama should look out for the Black Community in terms of work? Yes.

Do I think that the GOP was full of it when it was lashed out? Absolutely.

Is this a prime example of responsibility on every American in this country? Always.


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