Posted: June 26, 2011 in Decision Factors, Editorial
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I feel a need to blog this topic. A five letter word that has alot of good and bad. Drama. The one word that most of us go through every day. Recently, I stumbled on my High School Alma Mater’s Facebook page and this all started with a posting of a sale for clothes for the Father’s Day weekend.It was self-pr thing. Then one person, another 80’s alum of my old high school responded in a semi-negative fashion about the posting and at the end, the words “Go Away”. The conversation fought back left and right. With on defense the person who did the posting felt that the advertisement wasn’t far offensive. Even with all the others chiming in came to the defense of the alum who posted his ad. Now, even though that all this was started with an ad for a business, there was no need for this drama to escalate.

Now I want to break a piece of this: I saw the posting on Facebook and this is what I think. It was meant no harm in doing. Period. Now as far the other alum who felt this was offensive, I didn’t see any racial slurs, no attacking on personal families. None of that. Knowing Social Media or specifcally in an Open Facebook Group, everyone who is tuning in to the page, will have full readability of what was said and also what was commented either good or bad. Now to the bad comments will come out fully as well as the less good. I can’t imagine if your bosses at work are able to look at a Facebook Group Page and write something that was negative. Let me set up a scenario: On Facebook you tell someone to “kiss your (three letter word)” and/or just Go Away or be gone” Away from the cyberspace realm: you are all nice and generous. Now on the job, per say (a servant of the people) you don’t NEGATIVELY turn folks away or tell them to kiss your rear end. With those words, is like not taking up your deal of being good. On the real, yes you have to be careful with Social Media. No matter what it is. And I think my High School Alumni Association folks is now getting the education that was not taught in the classroom, but significantly was started in the home.


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