I was on the United Methodist Church website via Facebook today, and it was all about Texting. Yeah, that word again. Texting. You know what the young kids are doing on their cell phones in all? And some adults do part time? Well anyway, this article about a pastor in Montana combines his sermons with texting and technology. Now there are going to be naysayers or critics who probably might disagree with the idea with texting in church. (Praying for the haters) Only because they should believe that it is a distraction on what is important face to face. You know what, I don’t hardly see a problem with this. After all, is this all about “Rethinking The Church?” I do believe that this is part of it in some sort of fashion. And I should mention that once again, that I am a member of the United Methodist Church.

Think about it. People communicate differently either in person or by note. That is what texting is. Writing notes. Now I’m about to share a secret here. I haven’t text during a sermon, but I have Facebooked and Twittered. On Sundays, when my Pastor or a Lay Leader, or a guest gives a message or sermon, I type it to my Social Media folks to tell what is going on. Either they missed a sermon or just not around as usual. And it’s legal! Research it, Old School folks. And for texting, although there are folks who are against the idea, but I need to say this: TEXTING IS NOT A SIN!!!!! Like OMG! That’s right I said it. Even if its in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

If that were to be, then it would be illegal, and those use it would be banned, in my view. I don’t see anything wrong with Texting. But the only that would be wrong, if it’s not used properly. Like a credit card. Texting is part of communication. Just like the telephone. When long ago happened, there was a thing with computers as having them as that thing around the house. But now, you need to communicate and more. Long time ago, having a College Degree was the best thing in the world. But now, it’s a responsibility. Get the picture?

If this is a way to reach out to the youth in the United Methodist Church, or that 18-45 year old group that does this, then why not do it? If this helps to be apart of the church growing body to feel comfortable, and/or to help to check out the Church then, hey? Only if it doesn’t bothers no one.  I love the UMC. I’m down for the cause, and have been since day one. And now, Rethinking The Church.


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