Some of you readers don’t know, but I adapted to a new hobby for every spring and summer season. It’s a Trikke. It is a three wheeled machine that some might call a scooter, but it is really a  body powered machine that you move from one side to another. Actually you lean from one side to another. As complicated as is, there are videos that will show you how to do it and more. The best surfaces to ride the Trikke is really on smooth surfaces such as basketball courts, bike paths in the park, alleys, sidewalks, parking lots (watch for cars), and any other smooth surface that are open.

Now I’m going to share something here. I have been riding this three wheeled machine for about 8 years. And I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I’ve ridden this thing in my residential neighborhood and also now at Lakeshore State Park near Lake Michigan. Keep in mind that this is in Milwaukee. And yes, I got the compliments of the nice machine in all when I go out. This three wheeled machine has been a life changer not only for fun but also for fitness. You will sweat and have fun without even knowing about exercising. Yes it’s fun machine that if you are 8 years old or up to being a senior citizen. And I should point out it does have a weight requirement, as long it’s under 250lbs. As far as price is concerned, it depends on the make of the model. When the Trikke 8 came out for example, it was ranged around $200.00. But don’t quote me on that! And for space storage, the Trikke easily folds down and can be useful for traveling and etc.

Now I have been on the website, and already folks like President Jimmy Carter, and other famous names have caught on to the Trikke thing. Another question is, can this Trikke thing work for me? Well if it could work for guys like myself, it could work for anyone. But, I have to stress this: sometimes you have to find out for yourself than through other people. It’s like going to see a movie. Yes, I have to say that. But, anyway, the Trikke is a good product. Challenging, but good. Plus, I have been reading about these Trikke Academies and I kept wondering, why not in Wisconsin? So if there are any Trikke Riders in the U.S. or some in the Midwest, please consider the State of Wisconsin as a potential stop for a Trikke Academy. I would also consider the Greater Milwaukee Area as a stop. Or maybe Madison, Eau Claire, and maybe Green Bay – you know home of the Packers.

Here are some videos from the site that can be useful



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