Ain’t nothing wrong by looking out for your own – for positive reasons.

Posted: June 7, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I’ve been on facebook today, and I was looking at Senator Lena Taylor’s Facebook page about having African-Americans in the State of Wisconsin to contact the Black Caucus. The message went something like this:


I am looking for unemployed African American construction workers who have road building experience in Wisconsin. Thank you.
Stephanie Findley, MSM
Wisdems Black Caucus Chair

Note: you can see this message in it’s entirety on Senator Taylor’s Facebook Page. Which is a “Like” page.

Now there were a mixed reaction to this posting on both sides. Some thought it was “racist” just because the primary focus was on African Americans, not other races. And on the other hand, it wasn’t bad at all. Basically, it was an opportunity for outreach. Let me paint this picture to all those wondering. When was the last time that any company (I mean ANY company) was seeking to try to get African-Americans to work for their companies? Any well known in Wisconsin? Think about it. How many times when you hear about this on a positive angle? I want to direct this to the Wisconsinites: How many times do you drive on I-94 and see construction workers that are black? Not to drive a wedge here, but in reality: a few or none. Why is that? See this is what the folks don’t understand. That’s like the pro sports (ala NFL, NBA). There are alot of black players, but how many black coaches? Few. How many black owners that are normally viewable? Hardly none. So I ask again, how is this comment posting on Facebook is racist?

Personally, I see other sites that asks other ethnic groups for work. What else got me is the fact when folks see this…… they take it personal. When I read this, I wasn’t offended at all. Not one bit. Some are saying: “yeah, Stephen agrees because he’s black himself.” No that’s not what I’m saying. Yes, I maybe black or African-American,  but when I see someone from my race trying to reach out to a group of minorities that are well above the 50% unemployment level in the largest city of Milwaukee, which happens to be African-American, that is not sending out racist messages. That is called “reaching out and trying to help”. I see other races doing this, but when it comes to African-Americans, why not? Some of the posters on FB need a reality check in the head! (especially those who are phony) Sorry to offend, but that is so Gospel. And further more, Senator Lena Taylor was not out of bounds on this comment.

Also, what is up with folks being curious about this subject?!!!!! Curious about what? About a black politician like Lena Taylor trying to reach out to black unemployed construction workers? Really?! What is supposed to be curious about that? Let me shift gears or play devil’s advocate: What would happen if (and a Big If) would Senators Risser, or Lassa were to announce to the State, particularly Milwaukee, about going to the White communities and looking for unemployed men or women to work in construction? And not even to think about the Black folks? Yep that double edge sword would swing both ways. Am I right? Thought so. Stop being so curious about this, Wisconsin! Maybe the reason the folks are “curious” because they(those who are curious or just want to know)  are “not on the list.” That’s right I said it!

Note: if you are in Wisconsin, and African-American, and currently work or had work in the Construction Trades or Road Builders, talk to the black caucus of the state of Wisdems.


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