Well, Well, Well: It seems that a certain collective bargaining law passed by the Wisconsin State Republicans was well access denied today. Wasn’t that the collective bargaining thing that was a target in the eyes of the Rookie Governor Scott Walker? Come on Conservative Fans, you got this right? Right? Well this is what happens when you get cocky! No, no, no, don’t say “awww the democrats done the same thing”. This story is NOT about the State Democrats, this is about the State Republicans who wanted none of a “Jim Doyle’s Third Term” by going after Mayor Tom Barrett to get the chair in Madison. This is what happens when cocky politicians such as the Fitzgeralds or any State Republicans like Leah Vukmir or Alberta Darling utilize a decision to strike at all the collective bargaining rights of every hard working person in the state. Personally this was indeed an attack on the middle class just because a certain governor didn’t finish Marquette university. That’s right I said it. Also the Wisconsin Republicans got a wake up call in the truth that Judge Maryann Sumi did what most here in the state had to do: Void the Collective Bargaining Rights Bill in terms of violating the open meetings law. When you violate a law of any kind, you get penalized. That is what the Republicans did. And Milwaukee, don’t get on the so-called “King Walker” Bandwagon on the Journal Sentinel stuff yet. Walker ain’t no king. This isn’t England. Hmmmm, I thought this was America?

Lots of folks again will realize why I think the Rookie Governor was a bad choice for Wisconsin. Now, why I am saying this? Simple. Experience. The only way to look at the track record of Walker, look what he did in Milwaukee for 8 years as County Executive. All of those busting Unions stuff he did then, he’s doing it now. It also seems that now even more the stuff that we dreamed about having for the state is not going to happen is not only because of who’s in charge, but for those who want to be stuck in the past. As an example, Sen. Lena Taylor gave a debate speech in Madison recently about the use of Voter ID could have a backlash against the seniors and those who are less fortunate than us. Those who don’t have identification at all. Even those who are in College. And this is supposed to be relevant?

Just remember these words: Elections have Consequences! And that is the truth.


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