Usually, I don’t write stuff about this topic, but since this is an open forum of things, I’m shifting gears to talk about a group of people that don’t get a whole lotta love from most folks: The poor. Those who have to rely on buses, food stamps and others just to get by everyday, while folks like Scott Walker and the Republican Base likes to swing out the rug from them. But what really got me writing this blog, is what I heard and watched last night. If you were watching The Ed Show, Cornel West was on the panel in discussing his frustration about President Obama not helping or doing something to assist the needs of the poor. Obviously, he called Obama “a black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats. And now he has become head of the American killing machine and is proud of it.” In addition to that, he also commented that “has a fear of free black men.” I don’t about that. And plus for explanation, he also described the President pointers: “has a predilection much more toward upper middle class white brothers and Jewish brothers [and] a certain distance from free black men who will tell him the truth.” That got me thinking. Well, I shouldn’t be surprised on this because, no matter who is in charge, usually he or she will get the criticism face forward. Yes, with all do respect,Dr. West is doing his job in telling about his viewpoints of the President, and also yes he is a brilliant wise minded educator among his peers and family. Sort of like Bill Maher. Remember when Bill Maher went on his show and commented that Obama wasn’t hard enough on the banks and wall street. And yeah, he voted the guy. But he also had to comment that “hey, get your butt in gear”. I’ll give the professor all the mad respect in the world as the knowledge he possess. Nothing wrong with that. But when he goes on The Ed Show and talks about the President not doing anything for the poor, I need to compel so say this: he has a point, but the point is not towards the President himself! If Dr. West is as wise as he is (with all do respect) why doesn’t he, or other African Americans like him and go and talk to the President directly? Is there a problem with that? Black community: Is that a problem? I know that Dr. West doesn’t represent the entire black community base, nor me as an African American, but yes this needs to be addressed. Not to Ed Schultz! But to the number one guy in the country that is in the White House. Period. Already in the past, the President had a “beer summit”. All the Obamamaniacs reading the blog, why don’t we have this to bring to mind: Get the President (or the Administration) to talk or to have a town hall discussion in regarding the poor. And black folks, if we are continuing to talk about this amongst ourselves (like usual) this is not going away at all. Hate to bring this to the WordPress blogsphere, but like everything else, it needs to be said.

In my view, yes the President has to “reach and defend those of the poor”. Are they citizens too? They may not have much, but are they citizens also? Just saying.

If he has to watch out for the Middle Class, why not the lower class?


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