I want to direct this attention and to those of the right wing with this commentary of Common being a “gangsta rapper” and being invited to the white house, LAY-OFF! What is the matter? Oh, the President of the United States invites a well-known hip hop artist from Chicago, who is known for his lyrics of truth and acting, is now a “Gangsta Rapper?” This is so laughable. The only reason that the Right Wing Maniacs are saying this is again forwarding their threat on race. Yep. I said it. Since when did Common became a Gangsta Rapper? I mean for real, when? If any of the right wing folks had  a brain, they would be going back in time to the late 80’s or early 90’s and found out that this happened before. Remember Eazy-E? Now he was a “gangsta rapper”. If the rap group N.W.A. rings a bell, they rapped about surviving south central and (four letter word) the police! Ice-T, the actor/rapper we respect now, sung a song about killing cops after the wake of the L.A. Riots of 1992. And to further add – the first Bush Administration was his target to tone down the lyrics or go to jail speech. What did Ice-T do? Stopped it on his own.

Now getting back to Common. If anyone knows his music very well, (and I mean knows his music very well) it’s not related to gangsterism. Obviously, the Right Wing Maniacs don’t know squat. Do some know who Common is? Does Michelle Malkin or anyone of the so-called right wing folk ever been to a concert or a recording session that Common was featured? I know the answer – Nope. Have they ever (and I mean ever) listened or watched the poetry session that he was featured? – Things that make you go hmmmmm……Nope. All because of yet again, targeting Obama. Now to some, you’re thinking “you’re defending rap musicians going to the White House and they shouldn’t be invited because of teh things they say in a vulgar manner”. For Common, I’m happy that he got invited. I am. And I hope other hip hop aritsts would get a chance to have this opportunity not to be passed up. If Rev. Run of Run DMC were to be invited by Obama, would you hate on that? Or, would Will Smith along with Willow, or maybe MC Hammer were to be invited to the White House, would you hate? You probably would say no. But for guys like Common you would say yes. Where was the outrage when Lil’ Jon was on Celebrity Apprentice in which he helped build a house in Georgia that is related to the United Methodist Church Children’s Services? And he said that it was personal to him because of his family growing up. I don’t see the outrage coming out of that. Remember when Ludacris gave a donation to Pepsi, and apparently, Bill O’Reilly dissed him just because he says explicit content in his music.

Right Wingers or folks in general need to lighten up. If Obama wanted to invite Ice-T,  the Sugarhill Gang, Grandmaster Flash, MC Lyte, DMC, Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick, Chuck D, The Roots, or any other Hip Hop star on the block to perform or give a donation, in the White House, I say let them! And I don’t care if it comes out of my tax dollars. That’s right I said it.


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