Dang it feels good to write that again.

Oh yeah, it does.

This is in regards to the final result of trying to get High Speed Rail for the State of Wisconsin. If you remember, the new rookie Governor Scott Walker rejected almost 800 Million Dollars to link the cities of Madison and Milwaukee together. And he had a some what of an idea, of getting some of the federal rail funds that were already rejected by other states like Florida to upgrade the Amtrak Hiawatha Line linking Milwaukee and Chicago. Most on both sides thought it was good to link a small-medium market city to a gigantic city like Chicago in order to get the rails moving. Well up to today, it seems that link is now dead because the Federal Government will not provide my homestate any federal rail money because of this.¬† Well, the rookie governor says that “he’s dissapointed”. Really?! Rookie Governor, now you know what those looking for work feel. Now he knows what the folks have felt when they were cheated or passed up because of the lack of jobs in the most biggest county in the state. Again, this rail project that most are getting, should have helped those who are looking for work and feed their families. But on the other, if those in Wisconsin who thought that the rail project were to kill “their way of life” per say, then they are sadly mistaken.

Lost opportunities passed up. See this is what happens when “Elections Have Consequences”. Does that sound familiar? It should. Look what is happening. In my past postings I have described this numerous times in numerous examples of why Wisconsin Matters, the unions and etc. But this time on the High Speed Rail issue, this is what Walker will receive in regarding his idea of upgrading the Hiawatha: Nothing. Absolutely Nothing. Just like all the promises will be nothing like new. And I ask again: why is Scott Walker is governor of Wisconsin again? If Tom Barrett or matter of fact, Russ Feingold had the governor’s chair, this would not be a past factor.

And likewise, it is a constant reminder that if Wisconsin would have took the money and left it alone without the use of politics and backwards thinking (that’s right I said it!), the state would have been on the mark and on the move with the use of this infrastructure like everyone who is “on the move”.


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