May Day. When the words of May Day comes to mind, it often thinks about emergencies. Or a cry for help. That’s May Day. But a true May Day occurred about the news that Osama Bin Laden, who most had the brains behind the 9/11 attacks was shot dead. Complement the work of our Armed Forces. The Special Forces of the Navy Seals (aka the Seal Team 6) handled their job seriously by doing what they were trained to do. And the President, made the call. I know for a fact that most human beings shouldn’t revel in a man’s death. That’s like the Notorious B.I.G. didn’t wish death on Tupac; even though that they were best of friends and rivals in Hip-Hop. But this moment yes, we Americans are rejoicing in the streets, but nearly 10 years ago, Bin Laden’s fans were rejoicing in their streets, tossing around candy and saying God is Great. All of this after the planes were hurled into the World Trade Center.  Just a thought, 10 years ago I was going to a job interview in my homestate of Wisconsin, when America was attacked. And for the record, I was 24 years old. And I remember “all the what if’s”. “Where was God that day?” and Even the draft. Now it’s 10 years later, (almost 10 years), that the same mastermind behind 9/11 , has been vanquished. And also just a historical note that Adolf Hitler was also declared dead on May Day, 1945.  Similarities? Perhaps.

The Month of May as most know is Military Appreciation Month. This month we honor or  give mad props to the men and women in uniform who not only are living, but also those who are deceased in guarding this nation. Despite of our political differences, and choice of red state and blue state, choice of liberal and conservative, choice of straight or gay, religious choice of Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddha, or whatever, but there is one thing is in common. This is our country. Lot of folks are thanking the troops. But often forget that God gets the glory! I can thank the military all I want to. But don’t forget to thank God for the Military, not just every 4th of July, or Armed Forces Day, but almost every single day. When you see a military personnel at a event “say thanks”.

In the meantime, review the footage that President Obama gave on May 1st concerning doing the job as usual.

By the way, love him or hate him, the President got this hands down.


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