Well America, I hope you realize that time was wasted. It was wasted because yet again, the case of the Birth Certificate resurrected and today was cut off like removing the head of a snake. Well that analogy I’m using is those like Donald Trump was betting on 1000.00 in the next market. Go ahead. Admit it America we wasted our tax dollars, our livelihoods, our own stuck up values of being better than others attitude is being wasted up. This is a flat out example of baiting. Race Baiting. That’s what this is about? In my last blog about this issue, I was approached by the comment that yes Donald Trump had a right to investigate and also (this got me) that saying “birth certificate” is not the same as “official certificate of live birth”. When I see a certified copy of any document, with a stamp or a seal, it is the same as being official. Period! Hate it or love it, I don’t care. But that is how I see it. When I took a trip to my county courthouse in Milwaukee years ago, I was in search of a copy of my birth certificate so I can use it to go over to Windsor, Ontario, Canada for a chance to explore the city. And by the way , Windsor is near Detroit, and I was successful at it. And by the way, it was a certified copy mind you. I didn’t hear of the word “birther” in 1999, OK?

So let me get this straight – so saying the words “birth certificate” is not the same as “Official Certificate of Live Birth?” Really?!!!  I challenge those to rethink that again. Especially those who commented that previously.

This whole birth certificate fiasco again is nothing more than a joke on us. Us as in ordinary Americans who work hard and go to school or college. Us as in going to church every Sunday to hear the word of God and learning to be a “giving society” than a “stingy society”. We are living in a stingy era where you have to “be like this” or “think like that”. Or you have to “show this to fit in with the in crowd”. Here is another one: “You don’t belong here because you don’t have this, or you should be on a basketball court of a football field for a job.” What about this: “You should be a rapper or baller, not a executive president.” I’m going there! Don’t start saying Amen yet! Now for Donald Trump, he messed up. He knows he messed up for real. And everyone who has been on the same track knows that they messed up.  Now “The Donald” wants to pursue the President’s Academic Achievements. For what? Just to see if he failed French 101? Or is it another example of racism? If you guessed the second part you might be right. More like in the sense of prejudice. That what this is. Think about the states (Wisconsin) that gave away High Speed Rail. Saying it was a boondoggle in all. And about having a chance for Health Care Reform, the others say that it’s a “hitleresque way of government take over”. Yeah remember that tea baggers? They say that it is hard for a black man. I know this for a fact. Alot of us had to take the hard long road to get where we are. We had to put up the the racist style tantrums, all because of the skin tone. Let me highlight Congresswoman Gwen Moore. After High School, she became a single mother and was on welfare for a while. But she (Unlike Scott Walker) also went and graduated from Marquette University. Look at the mirror, and come to realization that it is an attack on President Barack Obama.  Not just because he went to Harvard, or had been a teacher. Look at him. What color is he? Yep. There are haters in the temple. All that talk about “taking our country back” is no more than a dangerous smoke screen to get us messed up.

In three months, we Americans will have another chance to celebrate 235. 235 years of our independence. And the question is, after what has happened with this birther stuff, what will we be saying to our children? Yeah, the kids. What are we teaching them? If you have a child at home looking at this, it’s time to be a better parent, and a better role model to see that this form of racism, race baiting/birther talk over a document was just nothing more than being silly. How is this is helping the country? Really. How is THIS helping America? How is this helping the poor? How is this helping the economy, our education, jobs, health care, environmental issues, safety, and many other things that we need to get this country moving? This should be the main issues that America should be on it’s mind EVERY DAY! Not this stale Birth Certificate retread!

So today, the Birthers got a genie wish. But I think the President shouldn’t gave to them. But then again, if he had to use it to tell the birthers to go to Hades and burn, I hope they get a whole lot of sunscreen. This is waste of time. It’s a waste of tax-payer money,  and just a waste of time of important issues. Get it together, America!


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