This message goes out to every member of all Alumni Associations, and those members to be, and I don’t care if you are a 90’s and 2000’s graduate: you need to start reinvesting in your schools! Here in Milwaukee, a well known High School is closing up shop this year and it’s almost pushing 100 years old. If you are a member of Milwaukee’s Washington High School’s Alumni Association (yes I went to John Marshall H.S. thank you for asking) you need to step your game up. I don’t know you. But you need to step up your game up. Take a page from the John Marshall High School Alumni Association. A couple of years ago, there were heard “rumors” about John Marshall closing up shop. Yeah, Milwaukee, I heard about the stories being passed around about closing up. But then I was reading about a sport event for Marshall, which was track and it was in 2008 which the student made the papers about winning the track meet. This guy I read about, was a bright student, and also made the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  It was a first in a number of years since Milwaukee Marshall Alum Floyd Heard won his track meet since the 1980’s. Since then, still the comments and questions about the school closing up pushed further. Again, I heard the truth from the source, which was Marshall’s Alumni Association. (via one of the teachers of Morse-Marshall) These are a group of individuals that went to the Milwaukee Public School Board and told them that “you can’t do this”.  They had to fight the board just to convince them that shutting down the school would lead to a big mistake on them, the students, etc. In other words, they stood up for what they believed in. They kept the fight, and kept their role of defending the Eagles Nest. Or in this case, the “Marsh-house.”

I can laugh about them, but you know what, I have to respect them. And now, I joined them. Look, WordPress this is my old high school, and I remember years ago that being an Alum, you have to have a responsibility. What that means is that it’s OK to talk about the good ole’ days of getting back and also ruling the hallways and classrooms. But now, since the classes have been dispersed into the real world, I’m hearing about the school closing up? I have a general question, to those who well: “don’t care.” Where were you when the school was about to go under?  Where were you when you heard about the news about the school was getting closed up in all? Where were you? And why didn’t you help to donate? Just because of the name on the building? Hey now.

Again, this is what our “now generation” gets. Yes, we went to our former schools, and we went away, had reunions, and also have this “don’t care/leave it in the past attitude”. Somebody, particularly an elder might come along and comment that you might watch what you say. Yes, here is something that I do admit, I was one of those people. I was one of those who helped in all, and complained about not caring. I’m admitting this Marshall alums. I’m admitting this Milwaukee. And yes this goes for my friends, family, and state. But after seen what has happened, I think its time to start reinvesting in the schools. And the Alumni Associations are a good start to reconnect with the school. So I had to recommit myself to John Marshall High School for this. Yes, I did the activities and academics in all, but I’m using my skills to help out the school that gave me a chance to shine up. This is what they called the folks “true alums”. Because if you are true at something, it means you’re real. You care. Or in this case you really give a you know what. That’s what it is.

For me: I have been accepted to be apart of the John Marshall High School Alumni Association as a member, plus soon to be, a member of the Board of Directors. Let me say that again, Board of Directors. And guess what? I am the first from my class and my class decade of the 1990’s that has accepted this, and this I will do. (Class of 1995 has struck again!) And even thought this decision may not be all for some, but I hope that this would attract those who are my age, and class decade would be able to follow this. My Alma Mater will be celebrating 50 years in Milwaukee. When you celebrate 50 years of anything, it’s a joy like any other anniversary. And I am blessed to be part of this. Not just because I got love for John Marshall, but now it’s time to uphold the responsibility of calling myself an Alumnus. And plus, I hope that with me being apart of this group, this would also should start a new chapter of getting the younger alums involved. Because if they (the Alumni Association) haven’t gone to me to join up, and others like me in my age to join up, it would die out. Yep, just like the church.

So I want to pass along to the Washington High School Alums. Yes, your school and my school had great battles. But there is something you need to know. That school of yours, you need to defend. And take it from my school and just stand up for it. Don’t just sit there and let it die out. If you really (and I mean really) care about your school, you better get off of your rear ends, and take action. Write to the Milwaukee Public Schools and tell them how you feel. Write to your senators or congressmen or congresswomen and tell them how you feel. Put your editorials in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and write your comment about your concerns about the school closing. Even use the radio, the blogs or any form of communication you can grasp on. Washington, you have been in Milwaukee for 100 years, are you going to let this slip up? Or are you willing to stand up and fight? Your move, Purgolders.

John Marshall High School maybe going into a new phase in all, but it took commitment from the Alumni Association to keep the building open and also to get this 50th Anniversary Celebration to continue on.

The Milwaukee Marshall Alumni Association is on the web; go to

Go Eagles! – The Mighty Mighty Eagles!

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