Black Pioneer in Video Games: Gerald A. Lawson

Posted: April 17, 2011 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Editorial
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Just read this week on the web that a pioneer in the Video Game Industry passed on this week. I never heard of Gerald A. Lawson, and plus, I never heard of him being a pioneer of Video Games. Now, why I’m using black and pioneer along with video games? African-Americans have come a long way of making and inventing things that most of us continue to use now. But for this man, this is ringing true. I had no clue that we (as in African Americans) never thought that Video Game Cartridge Creation was part of the list. Matter of fact, why wasn’t it was part of the list? And also, why was it not mentioned along with the inventors who coined blood plasma and others. This reminds me of the unsung heroes that never had their names recognized. I’m glad that NewsOne Media broke this story because this gives readers like me a chance to say – Wow! Now this is good reading. And plus, everyone including African-American needs to recognize the real of why stuff like this matters. This man, created consoles when most of us weren’t even born yet. PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Atari, Sega, Commodore 64, Coleco, weren’t even thought about!  The younger gamers are probably asking,”what’s a Coleco, and a Commodore 64, and a Cartridge?” – Young ones, ask your parents. Without these game systems and products, there wouldn’t be a Xbox, PS3 or a Wii. Real recognizes Real.  So now with this, it’s most likely that there will be another thank you to the African-American community in regarding of what this man had accomplished. The gamers past and present need to pay a great gratitude of someone like him. That’s right I said it. And also, another idea for the schools, students, children, and adults, and those thinking about going into IT and making video games, or cartridges that door has been opened, and it’s time to go and to rediscover what was made, and to continue the progress to move forward. I know there are blacks are involved in the gaming field, and are continuing this opportunity to grow and adapt. But after reading about Gerald Lawson, and the work that he did, it’s mostly need that this story needs to be told.

I know it’s April, but I’ll say it anyway: Black History. Pass it on.


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