Not suprising at all – Not enough men in Church.

Posted: April 12, 2011 in News and politics, Religion
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Just going through my Facebook news feeds today, and I happen to stumble on the Baisden Live page, and there was link that it was all to convincing to think about. Men hating Church. I was reading the website – that’s the Christian Broadcasting Network website about Men (or the certain type) don’t like being in or around church. I read the article about the person surrounding the story, of “Cliff” who is a successful person in his own right. Makes positive pointers. Goes to every social, or meeting place that he knows. Except for one: Church. This “Cliff” person is not alone. Every Sunday, do you really notice that there are more Women in Church than Men? I’m not hating on the Women here. When they go to church. They go. Period. But the focus primarily on the Men.

I’ve seen this before. Matter of fact, most of us seen this before. Now I know that there are Men in my life that partially do come to Church in the “off-season”, but not regularly. As a matter of fact,  for those who are questioning the thought, well – let’s review some faults according to the article:

  • The pastor preaches too long.
  • It’s a women’s thing.
  • I’m not feeling the word
  • If the preacher doesn’t have that robe on, I’m not coming!
  • I don’t want to miss my league games!
  • I got too much stuff to do. I don’t have time. Too busy.
  • Not trying to hear about going to Hell.
  • Politics
  • Boring, irrelevent, and hypocritical

Does this sound familiar? I mean does this really sound familiar? If it does, then it should sink in. Earlier I indicated that most members in church are Female. If you are involved in a committee meeting – most are Females. Ever been to a Women’s Day celebration? – More Women attend and come out than men. Where as a Men’s Day Celebration is flipped.  Or when it comes to activities like a Women’s Day like daycare,  or volunteer in a class, the women mostly dominate that. On the Male side: doing almost a quarter of what the Women do.

Now it’s not my intent to judge the Men folk. That’s not my job. That job belongs to God and God Only. And besides this has been asking questions about this for centuries. Just to think when Jesus was running the show, that attracted the Men back then to be with his work in Ministry. But now, not so much. And also there was a question about not enough young kids in church. Actually this was from a conversation that I had with one of my University Alma Mater Members, that the real reason is because of the Men. That’s makes you wonder. Could the same men who don’t regularly come to church are setting a bad example for their kids? Especially with those who have sons who say “I want to be like dad!” – Don’t lie to me! Or maybe there were men before us who hated the thought of all.

I’ll put it like this. Men, we can watch all the NFL, WWE, NBA, or chill at the crib on a Sunday all we want to. I don’t care if you have to upload 50 pictures on Facebook of your cookouts. But here me when I say this: Those things will not get to you heaven bound! – Women even though that you may say Amen to this, but this goes for you too. Yes, we can criticize the Pastor for preaching too long and/or going after the preacher for not using the sermons to target the youth. We can also criticize that “I wish that the pastor should set up a men’s day prayer meeting so we can actually get some game going”. And yes many other things. But remember this Men: What you display, will reflect and backfire if your kids or any kid is watching. That’s not being trivial, but truth. And yes women, same thing.

Like I said, I’m not here to judge. Many of you had “past issues” of not attending. But you don’t have to keep believing the past in order to stay home. If you want to be the change you claiming to be, be the change. Men – time to what’s that quote? Man up? That’s right. Man up. Even if it’s attempting to go to church.

What needs to be done? What can be done to get the men back into the sanctuary? Advice to all: Rethink the Church. You may laugh, that might be the key. The United Methodist Church is taking the Rethink Church moniker very seriously, because of focus of reaching out to the 18-34 year olds to ask them what can the church do to reach them. Maybe if the Rethink Church thing can do works for those in the category, imagine what can be done for the men.


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