By now, Wisconsin, we have seen the results and haps of that Rookie Governor Scott Walker. Wisconsin, as a fellow in-state neighbor, I told you so! I kept telling you, telling you, and telling you. Didn’t you listen?!!! Now, the rookie governor is taking off more than he can chew. Now even more that the Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, has this so-called “martial law” against all members of the Wisconsin 14, that if they don’t show up, they will be held in contempt. And if they crossed back into the state, they will be arrested on the spot. And forced into the senate chambers to make the vote possible for Walker. Really Scott?! But in a report from Ashland Wisconsin, if offers a different opinion: that if the Senators show up  and handcuffed,  then the Majority Leader himself will be filed in contempt! Simply, they, the  Wisconsin 14 didn’t perform no vicious crimes. They didn’t show nothing in my opinion that would make them to jail! Technically, it would fall flat on Scott Walker’s face. And I mean fall flat! Again, this movement I think, is going to change Wisconsin from a swing state, to a one color state that I think would be best: Democratic Blue.

The Wisconsin 14 have become outlaws! Real outlaws for standing up for those who can’t stand for themselves. Now normally, those oppose them are calling them cowards, and criminals. REALLY?! So you’re the ones who think that having teachers in schools is a crock? You think that having BadgerCare, and Unions are a past signs of the times that should be faded out? So you’re the ones who think that taking 900 Million Dollars from Schools in all and give it the citizens of the rich kids and having those living in the inner city not receiving quality education? Really?!  Is this what this state has come to? Talk about moronic!

I am a product of receiving decent good education. I went through Milwaukee Public Schools, the Wisconsin Technical Colleges, and the UW System (that’s University of Wisconsin to you) just trying to be the best. – EVER. I know I’m not getting any recognitions some time soon, but I can give it to  those over the years that I sat in those classrooms, I can publicly (PUBLICLY) thank all those teachers that put me on the hot seat, those that pushed be to sit in front of the class, those that well, really gave it to me that no one else didn’t do: Encouragement. Those those revered me to say, slow down, start again. Now that’s how to thank teachers. My mother worked in the Milwaukee Public Schools systems for nearly 34 years, and yes I was in her summer school class eons ago. Moving forward, my University Alma Mater – the University of Wisconsin-Stout challenged me to use Distance Education as means to get me engaged in doing education in a semi-tradition manner. A manner in which organizations like the Milwaukee Urban League, and Milwaukee’s Manpower thought that I had “to go on campus and leaving Milwaukee”. – How wrong  and pathetic and stupid they turned out when I didn’t continue with them. And to this day, even it will be 5 years in the making, that I can tell my story and not worrying about some other bloggers in Milwaukee telling me that I shouldn’t . WRONG I should!!!!  For the Technical Colleges, it was another chance for me to redo my college thing, and performing my chance to get my first college degree of associates, and trying it to sell my Printing skills to companies that should matter. And then there’s public schools. All those times I had to go to summer school. All those times when Parent Conferences were worrisome for me. All those times when band directors injecting me with confidence to march in parades, and join jazz ensembles. This is what teachers can do. This is what GOOD teachers can accomplish. And even though that I had some issues, but I can say that they did their job in prepping for my future. This also why I’m giving back as an Alumnus to be apart of Alumni Associations to help out the Old Schools that taught me.

Oh, I forgot…..some are not down with that. And I think that those who voted up for Scott Walker who wanted things their way may get backfired. Some of the conservatives are now backing off of what Scott Walker is doing favorably. Hold the phone! – Does this mean that the folks should have voted for Barrett? I said this on Facebook, and I’m saying it here: If  Tom Barrett would have been Governor now, the whole country would not had to worry about what’s going on in Wisconsin. High Speed Rail would be a reality. None of the unions wouldn’t be protesting. Teachers wouldn’t be skipping out in support of the unions, etc. And not to forget about those obnoxious recalls info and the Wisconsin 14 wouldn’t be thought about along with the use of actblue. Most of us would still be revisiting the Green Bay Packers winning the SuperBowl all over again, and getting prepared for next season (if the NFL doesn’t have a lockout). And even: Wrestlemania. But those things are not important right now. What is important that folks livelihoods are at stake and it needs to be solved. – The right way. And so far, the Wisconsin14  are doing it their way to make a statement by putting country before party, by thinking about the people.



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