Fourth note to Wisconsinites – Guess what? I TOLD YOU SO!

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Local, News and politics, Reflections
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Yep. I’ve been saying this. Over and Over.  Wisconsin: I told you so.  After the Assembly voted after 1:00AM, CST.

Is this is what to become in this era? So the WI Assembly Republicans had to pull a fast one on the Assembly WI Democrats with that quick vote.  That 51-13 vote.  Really republicans? So you went there with the fast vote WITHOUT letting the Democrats trying to make their vote happen? I hate to say this but the Wisconsin Democrats Assembly got robbed. More like “pearl harbored”. And what for, because the Wisconsin 14 didn’t show up? And what, because of the rookie governor wanting to pull a George Bush Attitude by pushing it through? Word to the Republicans, that pushing it through thing will have consequences! And this is supposed to make Walker happy right? I’m thinking that he’ll have to face consequences on his behalf for that action! That’s right I said it. Knowing the Democrats, that “vote” will have to be replayed and challenged just to have it thrown out. During the footage, the one word came out “SHAME!” – for good reason. Just like the shame for Walker for turning down cash for High Speed Rail. Scott Walker in my opinion, has been a candidate of shameful proportions. Look at his record in Milwaukee County. His consciousness will be heavily tested this time with the Wisconsin 14 running out before the vote to be casted down. Technically, for those that went to the rally in Madison: word of advice – keep the haters mad. Keep them mad like crazy.

Speaking of Recalls. Well, Well, Well.  Gotta break out the Recalls. If anyone of the two sides deserved to be recalled in my book, is those who cheated with the assembly vote. They deserved to be suspended the most than the Democrats. That’s right I said it!  They will suffer the consequences and pay the price. Just watch. Next year in 2012, there might be some changes. Particularly in the state of Wisconsin. In one year, there will be a bold prediction that the Rookie Governor Scott Walker will not continue his reign in Wisconsin. I’m sensing that he will get “the ultimate recall” than his republican counterparts. Not because of the refusal of the High Speed Rail cash, but because of this act of slamming the door on collective bargaining against the Unions. Or as most like to call it “union busting”. And did I mention that those cuts might involve Education, Health Care and the poor? All of the WalkerManiacs didn’t even realize that.

So Wisconsin: heed the warning of Mayor Tom Barrett “hang on to your hats”! And after the rallies, this discussion of saving working families rights through collective bargaining will not die out.  It won’t. And also, just as a reminder that about when or if the Republicans don’t live up to their expectations of job creation, and making unnecessary cuts that are needy, the polls will be open for finding new candidates.


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