Hate all you want – Anything that deals with Black excellence or achivements celebrated are NOT going anywhere!

Posted: February 25, 2011 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Editorial, Life
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I feel to need to take the time to address those who have this “self-centered” attitude  of why there are celebrations that deal with Black Excellence or Black Achievements. This is for all those who feel why there are so many Black Awards, Black Tributes, Black everything.  I’m really going to answer this question, because it’s getting on my nerves! I’m really going to explain the reasons why there are blacks awards. Those who might feel that this is a dis blog, It’s not. I’m about to talk truth. How come is it, those who are non-black, have to look at black achievements, and/or black awards and comes out with the question, either on Facebook, or another blog stating “when are we going to have a White Achievement Awards?” “Or a White Entertainment Network?” Or a network channel that needs to centered around the Caucasian community? And these questions commonly come from those who are again “major self-centered”? I’m going there!

Let me give you some insight on why BET exists: For those who are older than 30, BET made it’s debut in 1980 showing news and entertainment that has interests for the Black Community. For those who don’t know, there was a time when cable news didn’t show anything about news with the Black Community. This is one of the reasons why BET, TVOne,  and also OWN – Oprah’s New Network gives us a chance (us as in African-Americans) a chance to view our stories, interviews, editorials, and such. Now for those asking for a White Network, let me respond in respect: You have most of the channels: NBC, CBS, FOX, MTV, CNN, the Spice Channel, Playboy, HBO, Showtime, ESPN, FoxSports, ABC, the CW, MyNetworkTV, and many others. Why the tripping attitude? The same with Ebony Magazine, Jet, Essence and more. These magazines gave us a chance to read about ourselves in print, and having a chance to view our own fashions, and many other things that most magazines didn’t  really show black folks that much. – Which was years ago.

Seriously, why all the hate? When Black History Month comes every February, there are those who ask the question “why not a white history month?” For those who don’t know, Black History Month was founded by Dr. Carter G Woodson in 1926 after hearing about black miners in the south that talked about serving in the Civil War. They were there. Serving in uniform, but NO one had their stories recorded. Wasn’t picked up. And knowing American history, that part was skipped. It was a way for blacks also to tell their stories, their achievements, triumphs and many other generated goals that blacks have contributed to America and the world. Now for those asking for a white history month, I think you have plenty of those. What’s the haps? When the 4th of July comes around, I don’t trip. I celebrate just like everyone else, and read the Declaration of Independence, watch the Fireworks, and many other Americanized things that I regularly do. And by the way, I’m black. And I do celebrate the memory of those who fought and died for America! Answer me this: how come when March comes along when Women (not black women) are celebrated, and also Hispanic Heritage Month comes, we don’t really have an negative attitude? But why does it always have to be Black History Month? Folks popping off at the mouth, going on Facebook seeing a Black Excellence Award pictures and having the GALL to question what has been asked so many times by a few folks?

Folks, it’ s time to grow up. Seriously. Why were Black Fraternities like the Alpha Phi Alpha, Kappa Alpha Psi, Iota Phi Beta, Phi Beta Sigma, were formed? Why were Black Sororities like Delta Sigma Theta, Sigma Gamma Rho, Zeta Phi Beta, and Alpha Kappa Alpha were formed at a time when blacks couldn’t join a Koalis Club, or maybe Elk Clubs or other sororities?  Note to the cynics: criticize, and protest all you want. But here’s the thing, as long as there are uneducated questions and comments that keep popping up in THIS country, Black History Month will continue. The same can be for Black Excellence awards. Don’t dis that if you’re in Milwaukee if you’re putting  that mess out of Facebook under Milwaukee’s Channel 12 FB Page. Again, if you don’t understand the history of it, get the record books out, do your homework, take notes. Just like in college and high school. If many Americans were to do that, and having an understanding of a Black Excellence, or Black Achievements then there wouldn’t be NO problems. Having a black achievements program celebrated is not racist.  Reading black achievements in Jet Magazine or any other black publications are not racist either. And learning about the history of Black Fraternities/Sororities, scholarships, businesses, and many other black related stuff are not meant to be, nor inject racism. As Roland Martin once put it, “Don’t dis the black networks.” Even though he’s a columnist on CNN, but he still has connections with TVOne.

Therefore, let me say this universal: Don’t be a player hater!


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