I know this is getting boring with all the coverages centered around my homestate of Wisconsin, the unions, the Wisconsin 14, the return of the Tea Party, and…………….that messed up rookie Governor, Scott Walker. I know also I shouldn’t call him a “rookie governor” but he is. He’s a rookie that will make mistakes and makes them big. One of them as we all know it was High Speed Rail for the state. But recently, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett Isn’t giving up on the idea of having High Speed Rail, and it will probably connect with Milwaukee and Chicago, on the Amtrak Hiawatha Route. But now: Back to the unions. Already the rookie governor has made a decree, or a threat that if the Repair Bill isn’t passed, nor if the Wisconsin Senators (the Fab 14) doesn’t comeback and vote, he will start laying off state workers by the summer. So let me get this straight: If the bill isn’t passed, or no resolution of any kind, dire consequences? Really? Really? Really? What a load of threats!

See I told you so again, Wisconsin. But no. Now look what happened?  Do I need to repeat myself here? I mean for real. Now the protests have been spilled to Ohio, Washington DC, Georgia, Los Angeles, and also Indiana. All because of their governors wanting to do the same thing that Scott Walker is trying to do: Busting up unions for the Collective Bargain Rights. Well for some of us in Milwaukee, he had done this before – as  County Executive.  As I stated in my previous blog.

So I’m assuming that the Wisconsin 14 will be “Heavily Responsible” for the 1500 state jobs about be slashed by the summer?! That’s all Scott Walker’s doing right there, and he knows it. He would be responsible for that. NOT THEM! I thought Scott Walker was all about creating 250,000 jobs in all. Who does he think he is, Tommy Thompson, a mid-carter? Speaking of Mayor Barrett, he did warn the state to “hang on to your hats” for alot of slash and burn decisions that Walker would do. As I also indicated (again) that if  Tom Barrett would have been elected Governor, these protests, and the whole slash and burn theories of Scott Walker would not have happened! PERIOD! Sarah Palin, recently commented that “Wisconsin protesters are  fighting the wrong fight”. Really Mama Grizzly? Maybe Sarah should remind herself of fighting the wrong fight in 2008 against Barack Obama, in which – SHE LOST! With John McCain! Oh, check this, Rush Limbaugh mocked the Wisconsin Protesters, and calling them “freeloaders”. Really Rush? Freeloaders. Well, when you have about 30,000+ people in Wisconsin’s State Capital screaming no on not to take collective bargaining away, it’s not just directed at Scott Walker, it’s directed to the Rush Limbaughs, the Sarah Palins, and that crazed geek over at Fox News, Glenn Beck! – On his show, dude was acting ballistic!  – The people that Glenn Beck was talking about were in Times Square and his commenting was about them being a mob or a gang. What was his reaction: “What the hell is this?!!!” Oh my God!  It was protesting in support of the unions and Wisconsin. Even Ed Schultz figured that out. Come on!

I’m sure by now that another example of Scott Walker is a “rookie governor”, he  got duped over a Koch Brothers phone conversation.  We’ve all seen it. And on the footage, there is one thing that remains truthful: Scott Walker wants to break up the unions. -(ala his Milwaukee County Executive Days) And as a former Teamsters Member, I find that disgraceful. Totally disgraceful. And also I have educators in my family that are “union bound”.  Which is included  with connections with the Milwaukee Public Schools. That makes it even more pathetic.  And why is it that all but the firefighters, police and others who are not effected with this, are off the hook in this incident? – Well it’s no secret, because those groups were “walker funded”. Get it?

Let me offer some education here: Wisconsin is the home of where the unions got started. All of that 40 hour work week, benefits, pay/sick pay/vacations and more, that most of us in America do have , all of that came from my homestate of Wisconsin. We’re more than just Harley-Davidson, The Fonz, Laverne and Shirley, Cheeseheads, the first Flag Day, Joshua Glover’s freedom from slavery, a UNION state during the Civil War, and the start of Dairy Products! – I mean that with love.

But now, the home turf of unions is being shackled with ignorance of the Republicans particularly with the Rookie Governor, Scott Walker.

For the Wisconsin 14: – all of them Lena Taylor, Spencer Coggs, Tim Carpenter, Tim Cullen, Jon Eprenbach, Dave Hansen, Jim Holperin, Robert Jauch, Chris Larson, Julie Lassa, Mark Miller, Fred Risser, Katlheen Vindehout and Robert Wirch are doing something that most folks I think should be doing the most! Put country before party. Or in this case, they are putting Citizens Before Government. They know,  and we know they are Democrats. But they are putting party before country. And the citizens are in need of  “Solidarity” for the unions, their memberships, their bargaining rights, and their overall livelihoods of work. Now you know why  Wisconsin matters. It may not matter to those who are sports fans. It may not matter to those who are into (or not into) The Fonz or Laverne/Shirley. The same can be for the Brewers, The Packers, The Bucks, even the new Lingerie Football League expansion team of the Green Bay Chill. (Yes, it’s here) But THIS is the huge deal concerning the collective bargaining rights. And just to think, if this fails, America loses.

I know I voted for President Obama. And yes I believe that he should be able to come to Madison in person to see what the deal is. I know that he’s monitoring the situation in Washington about the Unions/Walker/Angles. But mark this: He will come to Wisconsin. He will probably think about Wisconsin the most, because in the 2008 Election, the state was indeed a Battleground State for his win. (easy win) In 2012, it will be a returning battleground state for him. And like before, I’m thinking it will be an easy win yet again to prove why Wisconsin Matters.

  1. Scott Waker reminds me of the weightlifter guy on the Planet Fitness commercial that only says
    “I pick things up and put them down”…not much intellectual processing going on in Wakers mind….just a two year old having a tantrum!

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