Yep. Wisconsin: what did I tell you? I told you so! They say that “elections has consequences”. We know what they are. Don’t trip or fool yourself because the nation, or better yet the world is watching what’s going on in the ill-badger state. Why I’m saying ill? Four words: Rookie Governor Scott Walker. I can name others in three words: Attacking the unions. Or let me get these words out of the way in four: No High Speed Rail. And just to think, that I’m happy that the now infamous “Wisconsin 14” – aka Wisconsin Democratic Senators led by the likes of Lena Taylor and Spencer Coggs, did something that most were afraid to do: put country BEFORE party. Or this case: put the citizens before government! And also: RECALL? You (the citizens of the other side)  want to recall the Wisconsin 14 just because they skipped their jobs? Well OK, the average person would be fired or suspended for missing work. But  you know what? In a sense, they are doing their job! Even if it’s in a undisclosed location! I think those who are doing and promoting these Recalls against the 14, are just mere jealous that  they are getting the attention than someone in NY (No offense, New York).

Now to comment those who think that they should be fired just for leaving the job, that’s your opinion. I think the “Wisconsin 14” should be commended for taking a huge sacrifice for their work in protest. They did it peacefully, and unselfishly pulled a huge upset in derailing a vote for Scott Walker. To you “Walker Manics”, yeah, you high paid big business, shipping jobs overseas, Koch Brothers Fans loving, boondoggle calling High Speed Rail, unethical values of so-called Americans, how does it feel to have a “slight derailment” ? Are you the fans who rightfully asked “where are the jobs?” like John Boehner?

  • How does it feel to have our local teachers, firefighters, police, street sweepers, medical, municipal workers, and more protesting against the decisions that this “rookie governor” has made? Madison hasn’t had noise like this since the Badgers WON a rose bowl.
  • How does it feel to have young teens, and young children have to look and listen of our democracy in Wisconsin politics in action KNOWINGLY, they will remember?
  • How does it feel to have MSNBC host Ed Schultz to come to Madison for a week, and talk to those who lives RIGHT NOW are being threatened by the rookie governor?
  • How does it feel to have Faith-Based organizations like the Wisconsin Conference of the United Methodist Church weighing in of this so-called take over and knowing pastors state wide that their ministries in the pulpit maybe over?
  • How does it feel to see college students of the University of Wisconsin-Madison after all the book lessons, now having a chance to test of what they were taught in those study halls, college classrooms, dorm-rooms, fraternity and sorority groups, and many other political or community service areas on campus (AND OFF CAMPUS)?
  • How does it feel to have Rev. Jesse Jackson coming to Madison and cheering on the protesters and stating that this is “a Martin Luther King Moment?” – I mean this is Black History Month.
  • How does it feel that this party of  compassionate Americans can finally say “Enough is Enough against this so-called new Tea-Bagging Elected moronic jobbers? That’s right I said it.

How does it feel?

Doesn’t feel very good doesn’t it? It kind of hurts doesn’t it? It’s turning to sour grapes, and the taste is beginning to turn bitter. Yes WalkerManics this is what happens when keeping it real, (like the rookie governor) goes to far. If Scott Walker were to be a real politician of the people, he has to LISTEN to the people. Not you people. The people of the state that might tell him to hang on a second, not cool. Alot of you had to put up with rhetoric of Jim Doyle during his 8 years and you refused Russ Feingold to move forward, and not giving Tom Barrett a chance. We should be a better state than this, and well you made it even worse, by getting on the Brown Bag/Tea Party Movement of the now “rookie governor” and making it look messy. Paul Ryan once commented that Wisconsin’s view of the protests “It’s like Cairo has moved to Madison these days” In his view of a riot.  Really Paul? Obviously, your home state is split down the center and morely the rookie governor is at fault because of the sound bites of boondoggles.

Since I’m going back to resume my Black History Month Segments, Barbara Jordan, once commented during her tenure in congress that “Let us heed the voice of the people and recognize their common sense. If we do not, we not only blaspheme our political heritage, we ignore the common ties that bind all Americans.” Martin Luther King, Jr once stated before his assassination in Memphis,  about blacks straighten up their backs and “realizing that a man cannot ride your back unless it is bent.”

To those in my home state protesting, continue to straighten the backs of justice. Continue to straighten the backs of those who are crooked with mindsets and objectives. Continue to straighten the backs of those that you need to lookout the most: And most of you have them right now. The next players in training,  I’m referring to your kids, your retirement, and anything else you want to hold dear.


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