When I was 20 years old, and living in Milwaukee, and in college, the Green Bay Packers won SuperBowl XXXI by defeating the New England Patriots (before Tom Brady) in the Superdome. A  year later,  losing to Denver and John Elway in SuperBowl XXXII. This was 1997-1998 within those years. And yes, the Packers had kept Brett Favre during that time in hoping to get to another Super Bowl. Even if it took of getting to NFC North Titles, and a NFC Championship.  With Favre, the Packers won some NFC North Straps, but not a NFC Championship which was thrown to the New York Giants. After that, there were some changes in the guard with trading away Brett Favre and making room for Aaron Rodgers. This was a three year restructuring plan. Even I didn’t partially agree with Ted Thompson’s decision making skills.  After all of that, now I know why it is: all about getting back winning the Super Bowl, in another fashion. When the Packers went into the first round of the playoffs against the Arizona Cardinals, (yes Brett Favre was with the Vikings, and he torched the Pack twice in the regular season – which was a nightmare/I Told You So fashion. The Packers got the message of course) which was a high scoring game. Even though they lost in that 51-45 game, but there were some sources, (ala Jermichael Finley) indicated that the Packers were to be contenders in the next Super Bowl – against the Pittsburgh Steelers. (thank you Peter King) And just to add, I had to learn about the Lombardi traditions as well. Not just because it’s a Wisconsin thing living in Milwaukee.

The 2010/2011 Green Bay Packers Season will be remembered as a team going into Philadelphia and beating Michael Vick twice. That was history, because for the first time in nearly 48 years after Lombardi, and in the playoffs of the first round getting over the 4th and 26 problem.

They will also be remembered of getting even with Brett Favre and stepping up to the Minnesota Vikings, twice.

They also shut out the New York Jets in a 9 point game.

Against teams like Dallas, Buffalo, and the New York Giants: Flawless.

Against San Francisco – doing it the OLD SCHOOL way by winning with confidence, with the 1929 ACME Packers Old School Uniforms. – And for the record so some didn’t like the uniforms. Big Deal. I’ve seen other old teams uniforms that didn’t look cool. They were worst. But respect the tradition!

Against the Old School Rival Chicago Bears: 2 out of three – with a historic NFC Championship Game between the two.

Getting even with Atlanta big time, after a three point loss in the season.

And the losses to Detroit, Miami, Washington, Chicago, New England, and Atlanta (as indicated) really have opened up the Packers concerns and asking them to wake up for the next game.

But the last couple of weeks, after Aaron Rodgers’ second concussion, it was like “Revival in Church”. From the New York Giants,and  the Second Bears game, it was time that the Packers needed to stand up for the Playoffs. It was gut check time. And going on the road against Philadelphia, Atlanta and Chicago proved the fact that the Pack was for real. No Joke. They were making a statement, despite of those on the Injured Reserve list. When Superbowl 45 came, as we knew, they were facing a team that had the experience and know about what to expect before, during and after the big game. However, for the Packers, only a few can relate. Such as Charles Woodson, John Kuhn and Ryan Pickett. The game as everyone saw, had the Packers predicting to win by 2 1/2 points. I picked them to win by 7 points, but the game ended with the Packers winning by 6 points. And they led the game, without falling behind. Very impressed. (From an observers standpoint)

I am very amazed, by those who like to go on Facebook, and those who like the page of Roland Martin (nothing against him), can’t get past thought of teams winning championships BEFORE the birth of the Superbowl. Notice to those who don’t know, you better know about the history of championships of the NFL before making false judgments or stuff that you’ll regret to type in public. I know about the Green Bay Packers winning 13 Championships and most of those championships were earned before there ever was a SuperBowl.  They are like the “Boston Celtics of the NFL”.  in comparison of winning more titles than the Pittsburgh Steelers. Again, nothing against Pittsburgh winning 6 Lombardis.

And on a side note, I want to address the “Steeler Nation”: You have good football team. And I hate to say, that “7” doesn’t always doesn’t get you into heaven. But the best way to overcome the loss, and we Packer folks know this, you just have to learn to revive your team, and just focus on the next season. This sport of football that we watch every season, is NOT life. It’s just a game. The SuperBowl, NFC/AFC Championships, etc.  – all games. Not life.

In regards to the National Anthem: I’ll agree on one point that Christina Agulera should have done better with the lyrics to the National Anthem. But where do the nerve of some “so-called Americans” thinking that this was a disgrace to all those who are serving America? Yes, I’m getting in this! I think that it wasn’t a disgrace, as others would call it. She just made a mistake! I dare to say this: If those criticize others about knowing the words to America’s Theme Song, why don’t they get up and show us how it’s done? Yeah, I’m talking those who are hiding behind the Tea Party flags. Those who criticize Black History Month(I got something for that group in my next blog again). And those well, are just way over their heads. This is why America at times, is messed up. We always have to be “this perfect country” in all. But, guess what? Nobody’s Perfect!  The same thing happened with Roseanne, Carl Lewis, a international star Anastacia (ask any Milwaukee Brewers Fan), Kat Deluna, Michael Bolton, and even Lucy Lawless (aka Xena: Warrior Princes) all messed up the National Anthem. Now when I heard the announcer said “To Honor America” he didn’t say our troops. Let’s get that straight, right now! That’s right I said it! Now what?

But getting back to the Green Bay Packers, the Lombardi is back, and Green and Yellow can finally be a reality. Packers Rule 31-25!


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