I think I can say this: Mad respect to the Packers for winning the NFC Championship. They fought hard and good in order to go into all places, Solider Field in Chicago and getting the George Halas Trophy against their Old School Rivals, the Chicago Bears. In my last blog, these two teams are the reasons why the NFL exists. Without these teams, No NFL. Period. But for a Bears fan (or a Bears Observer) they still have the 92nd victory. The Packers fan-base (or Packers Observers) have a 84th victory, and the ties are at 6. 182 Games. 21 Championships.

Now to question, what is an observer? What do they have to do with this? Well an observer sees everything. They see the positives and negatives. And they see updated results. You know like at the polls? Well if you been to the election polls, they have observers from both democratic and republican to just see what going on. That what my position as a “packer observer” is. Just seeing the positives and negatives. In the game, the positives of the game I saw the most was between the first touchdown run by Aaron Rodgers, the two interceptions by Sam Shields, and also B.J. Raji’s touchdown dance! Maybe not. But it was funny!

As for negatives, I think Aaron Rodgers should have not (and I mean SHOULD HAVE NOT) thrown a pic towards the end-zone when Brian Urlacher was making the play. But, Aaron did tackled Brian in the open field for a save. Another was after 81 seconds when Bears QB Backup Caleb Haine threw a pass to Earl Bennett, and also well I think the Packer Cornerbacks of Charles Woodson and Nick Collins were caught of guard. I know it happens. But after a hard fought battle with the old school rivals, the Packers did indeed became the NFC Championship in the home of the NFC North Division Champs, the Chicago Bears. As predicted in my last blog, it was close by a touchdown and the score spoke for itself. And speaking of which, when a player goes out with a slight injury, where’s the courage? I bet the Bears fans should answer that. Hey, this is not a poking fun thing here. There were times that Brett Favre was slightly hurt – he played. And I’m sure that when Aaron Rodgers had those concussions, he was out for 2 games, but he came back and competed. Plus supported Matt Flynn, even though he wasn’t in his right form.

Now, it’s on to Superbowl 45. And the Pittsburgh Steelers are the next opponents for the Packers. There is no telling, I’m thinking this Superbowl will be tested, for both Offenses, Defenses, and Special Teams. Mostly Defense. The Packers have been using the 3-4 Defense for a couple of seasons after their 4-3 defense haven’t lived up to it’s expectations. And as for the Steelers, they’ve been using it since the beginning. If I were the Packers on offense, the players I would be on the lookout for during the big game would be these players:

1) We know Ben Rothlesberger. Big Ben. He can run, pass, and has determination to plays happen. I’m assuming the Packers Defense will be primarily focused on him just to watch his moves. I think also that the Packers LB’s would be involved a “Psycho Package” just to make Ben miss his throws, and having him to throw an interception.

2) Hines Ward: he’s a sprinter and a playmaker. I think either Tramon Williams or Charles Woodson should be on him to defend the ball. As well as defending against the pass of Big Ben.

3) Rashard Mendenhall: Knowing him he’ll run the ball. In the game against the Jets, he ran for a total of 121 yards. For the Packers, I would consider him as a lookout for the linebackers like Clay Matthews or if necessary a supporting cast of the Packers’ D like Desmond Bishop to slow him down.

On defense:

4) James Harrison. He’s a power hitter, no question. If I were the Packers running crew, the Offensive line, and Aaron, avoid the hits and protect the football. He did get fined for the “helmet to helmet” penalty earlier in the season. Also as a tipping point, the Packers need to look out for James Farrior just to get noticed.

5) Troy Polamalu. Another play-maker indeed. He has that interception maneuver that Nick Collins makes half of the time. If I were one of the Packers wide receivers, put some moves on him while trying to catch a pass from Aaron Rodgers. For those who don’t know, he’s got the long hair.

Now there has been this debate about the number of Super Bowl Victories between the teams. Yes, for the record that the Steelers do have 6 Lombardis. And the Packers have 3 from the 60’s and 1996. WE KNOW! Everybody knows this. And for those who think that the Packers don’t have enough “SuperBowl Experience”. Three players come to mind:

Charles Woodson was on the Oakland Raiders Superbowl Team which lost to Warren Sapp’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers around the 2002 NFL Season – Which was that battle of the Pirates: Raiders and Bucs.

For Ryan Pickett – he almost had a Superbowl Ring. Didn’t get one. When he played with the St. Louis Rams  in SuperBowl 41.

And also John Kuhn. (KUHHHHHN!) Whom by the way, was a on the practice squad in the Pittsburgh Steelers camp a couple of seasons ago, before he came a folk hero in TitleTown. – A Superbowl ring indeed.

Just as a reminder: We know that Mike McCarthy is Pittsburgh Born. Plus, Kevin Greene, Anthony Smith, Ben McAdoo, Darren Perry – (remember them Steelers folks?)

And that last game they played, it was close. 37-36 Steelers. This was in the 2009 Season that the Packers ALMOST had a victory. Both QB’s were on deck for this game indeed and unfortunately, it went to Big Ben. But that was about 2 seasons ago. The teams are different now with the Offense, Defense and Special Teams. To make a bold prediction, this Superbowl 45 I think, would be a close game about a little more than 7 points. They say that the Packers would have a 2 1/2 or 3 point win, I’m giving them 7. Yep, that’s my prediction. In the game against Atlanta it was in a dome, which might revive Aaron Rodgers for the New Cowboys Stadium. But just for cautionary stuff, the Defense of the Steelers is good. They know it. But knowing Aaron Rodgers, he’ll probably do what it takes to dissect the Defense or “Steel Curtain II” to get points on the board.

And for the record, the Packers-Steelers Series is 18-14, with the Packers leading.

So we shall see on February 6th.


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