In the wake of the Tuscon violent tragedy, this should serve as a reminder that heroes are still around. They maybe not in Armed Service Uniform but anyone, ANYONE can have a title, or true title of hero in their own right. Daniel Hernandez, the student from Arizona who was with the Congresswoman after the shooting occurred, did what he need to do, to make sure that his boss, Gabrielle Giffords was unharmed. He did his medical practice techniques of stopping the blood flow to the brain to make sure that it didn’t get any worse. At the night of the speech by President Obama, he humbly rejected the word – hero. Well, that’s his opinion. However in many ways, he became one, even though he doesn’t want to admit it. But he was in other ways.

Now about the speech. The speech had to be delivered in a fashion to not only honor those lost, but also those who are living! And those who acted courageously by wrestling the gun away from Jared Lee Loughner. Oh, let’s comment those who hated it: Fox News and the typical Right Wing Media. I’m watching Jon Stewart here, and he cut it to the chase of Michelle Malkin talking about the “timing of the speech”. Or the Fox & Friends talking about that the group who stopped the gunman should have been seated in the first two rows that “would have been better”. Or others who commented strangely about Dr. Carlos Gonzales’ prayer before the program.  – REALLY?! Oh, get this: another person thinks that you can’t have it both ways of having a Memorial Service and a Pep Rally.


The right wing is full of it! First, this service was a memorial of folks whom have passed on. But it was also a service that was indeed to rise up. Let me tell all of you something, this is NOT your Grandmothers, or old school family memorial service. This is a different time, a different era, and a different age where it’s OK to cheer up in times of tragedy at memorials. This is one of them. So it wasn’t “your typical memorial service”. BIG DEAL! When your time comes for to be Memorialized, you put it on paper and tell those close to you what you want!  This Memorial Service was also a wake up call for those who carry guns and use metaphors of packing heat. (ala Don’t Retreat, Reload) In the wake of this whole thing, all those times that when the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and any Right Wing Media hack goes overboard, it goes overboard. Bill Maher commented on his New Rules, that the Founding Fathers would hate the Tea Party. The Founding Fathers were about REAL revolution, REAL freedom, REAL Liberty, and etc. The Tea Baggers are just a fake version of the Founding Fathers. Bill Maher said it that they, the Founding Fathers of America would have hated their guts! Yep, I have to agree. The colonists at the time, for example, dumped British Tea in the Boston Harbor, in a form of a protest. That was the real Tea Party. Cutting edge. Not this stale wannabes of hating the first black president of the United States with the guns strapped at rallies. Sarah Palin commented that “the President needs to stop lecturing”. Well some of our presidents and those have lead the Declaration Of Independence were involved in science, astronomy, financial, and more things that made things possible. And if they were around now, they can school Bill O’Reilly about the “tides go in and out”.

If and when the Congresswoman does get back to work, expect to see and hear from the Senators, Congressmen that the gun laws will change. Oh yes. They will change about if you SHOOT a member of congress, it will have consequences. If you talk about targeting, reloading, at those who are trying to make it, and in public, actions have consequences! – Just like when Congresswoman Giffords said it last year.


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