I got admit. The year of 2011 is starting to become a red nuisance. The reason being because the Republicans have the house of representatives deadlocked for four years. And Scott Walker is now the Governor of Wisconsin. The same Scott Walker that wanted the High Speed Rail canceled in the state, while Ron Johnson is now a Senator overtaking a spot that Russ Feingold had for 18 years. I think this year will see a relapse of 1995 when the red squad took over when Clinton was running the show. I hate to go progressive here but Keith Olbermann warned us that this would happen. And I can hear Bill Maher say that “America is safe again!” (Clapping) NOT!

This 112th Congress is out to repeal everything that President Obama and the Democrats (plus the Democrat Fan Base) has tried to do in his two years in office. Even Health Care Reform. It’s just simply that this House just wants to go back where it was normal for them. NEWSFLASH! This country cannot go back to the same old stuff that got us in the rut in the first place. It reminds me of folks that don’t want nothing new and just keeps everything the same.

Hey Wisconsin, does this remind you of something? Staying behind in all? Refusing to change for the better?

Ed Schultz, like him or not, took it to the next level on his show the other day that he called out the Republicans this past week. Yes, he called them out, and apologized. Well I don’t know about the apology. Maybe he did it for humanity reasons. But for calling out the Republicans in general, he had a right to do it. We know it.

So on the list for scrapping Health Care Reform, what next? Oh, wait. They want to repeal every thing that this administration worked on for two years. Mainly to shoot back at Obama of hate. That’s right I said it! The only reason they, the 112th Congress that is Red Controlled is to tear down this President of prejudice reasons. A black man in the chair at the White House.  In the oval office. And by the way, the Tea Baggers: those crazy flag waving/ Don’t Tread on Me,18th Century dressing/hand gun rally holding/ We want our country Back/asking for an handout quoting folks, had a continuing thought in this. And Wisconsin had to absorb this! Wow. By now, the House will pass their version to repeal the Health Care Bill, but the Senate and White House will scrap it. How is this helping the country to find and create jobs? I dare any Republican (or any Republican Fan) to answer this!

In my last blog in 2010, I asked the same thought of question to the Charlie Sykes Fans, the James T. Harris Fans, the Vicki McKennas, Mark Bellings, Jeff Wagners, all of these so-called considered GODS of Wisconsin’s Conservative radio one simple question: In regarding to the Talgo plant in the inner city of Milwaukee, what should go there? Come on Republican Fans, you got this! What should go there?!  Really?! You guys seem to have the cards. Do you or you don’t? And the Scott Walker Fans, same thing.  – He wants 250,000 jobs, but scraped about 13,000 all because he and those like him think the High Speed Rail thing was a “boondoggle”. Won’t work. No one will ride it. That is a sure sign of laziness and holding back. Talk about getting put on notice.

So I’m going to end this story by saying this. Those of us who didn’t vote for these Red Plaguers, get on their cases EVERYDAY! Monitor there failures, and continue to push forward. It’s been 4 days since Scott Walker took office in Wisconsin, 2 days since the House became a Red Plague.

One last question: Scott Walker, Ron Johnson, John Boehner, Republicans – You talked about jobs. Where are they?


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