Wisconsin Football is awesome. Not to mention the fact it is one of the most interesting sports to watch. Two teams this past weekend had a “Night and Day” effect on winning and losing. For losing, It’s the Wisconsin Badgers Football Team. If you wondering why the night thing, they lost to TCU in this year’s Rose Bowl. I have been stuck to the Bucky Bandwagon since 1993 and I know that it was the first time to see Wisconsin win something on the gridiron. Just for the record, they won 3 Rose Bowls when Barry Alvarez was commanding the Bucky back in the 90’s.  We had players like Darrell Bevell, Brent Moss (before he was removed when he did drugs), Terrell Fletcher, Brooks Bollinger, Ron Dayne, Jamar Fletcher, and others. We remember them. They played to win Rose Bowls! But these guys, the 2010 Wisconsin Badgers will be remembered as scoring over 80 points over Indiana, 70 points over Austin Peay, Defeating Michigan, having a big game over Ohio State, losing to Michigan State, JJ Watt having a good season along with Scott Tolzien, John Clay, James White, Monte Ball and company. But the biggest flaw, is losing the Rose Bowl. I said this on my Facebook Page,  you don’t just get to the Rose Bowl, you have to WIN IT!

On New Year’s Day, the Wisconsin Badgers did made it to the Rose Bowl, but they didn’t WIN the Rose Bowl. For TCU, they are a small Christian University out of Texas with 9,000+ Students. You know, my Alma-Mater the University of Wisconsin-Stout in Menomonie, Wisconsin has over 9,000+ students on campus also. BIG DEAL!  So what’s the point? Not to start a fire here, but look. OK TCU played a heck of a game against Wisconsin. I’ll give them one little credit of giving the Badgers a good competition.  They said that schools like them shouldn’t be in the BCS games like the Rose Bowl. I say that any team (ANY TEAM) has a right to play in any bowl game, World Series, NBA Championship, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup Finals, or any other Cup, Trophy Championship Game  as they see or believe. There was a time that Wisconsin was labeled “the worst team to play in the Rose Bowl”.  Wisconsin played UCLA the second time and won the Rose Bowl. I see that comparison with TCU.  For the Badgers: they had a good season. Period. This loss should also teach them that they shouldn’t under estimate the power of opponents.  And I don’t see Wisconsin fading a way so quickly. They will learn from this, and will work a way back to the Rose Bowl, and win it. That’s my prediction. So I’m still down the Red, still down with Bucky!

Day Break: The Green Bay Packers got even with the Chicago Bears the day after with a win to get into the playoffs. Now, if every sports fan knows, the Packers and Bears have a long storied history. Or as I like to call it: Old School Rivals. Lombardi vs Halas. Dick Butkus vs Willie Davis. Jim McMahon/Walter Payton/The Fridge vs Don Majkowski/Sterling Sharpe/LeRoy Butler. We know this! But this game between them in this rematch was the Packers saying to the Bears, “not so fast!” So the Bears had their starters and having the thought that they’ll walk into Lambeau Field the day after New Year’s Day and spank the Pack. The last time the Bears went into Lambeau and beat Green Bay, was on Christmas in 2005. – And Brett Favre was the quarterback, the Bears won the game, and went on to the Superbowl to get defeated by the Colts. Now those in Solider Field land on Monday probably are asking themselves “yeah, Lovie Smith had the starters and the Bears should have won the game. But we let Green Bay in the Building.” Let in the building?!!! Lambeau Field is their building, hello! Or they mean…………… Atlanta’s Building the Georgia Dome? Note to the “Bear Down” folks, never under-estimate the power of your opponent. If you want questions, ask your rivals! Now the Packers have to travel to Philadelphia in which they beaten the Eagles since week one, and erased 48 years of couldn’t get the win in the city, and to get rid of the 4th and 26th mindset. We know!  I think Aaron Rodgers will be revived for the game. Just as he did with the win along with Donald Lee’s TD, and the interceptions of Charlie Pepprah, and Nick Collins.  And I know I shouldn’t forget the ClayMaker (aka Clay Matthews), Charles Woodson, Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, and a dude that just came on the scene of tackling Jay Cutler: Erik Walden.

The Packers I think “half-spared” the state of Wisconsin Football Atmosphere this New Year’s Weekend the day after the Badgers didn’t check in the building with a win at the Rose Bowl.

So, congrats to the Badgers on a good season. And Mad Respect to the Packers in the playoffs!


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