This is another blog I wrote in 2010 which talks about a new radio station in Milwaukee, Majic 102.5.

If you haven’t heard, Milwaukee has a new radio station. It’s really a new black owned station that plays a mixture of R&B, Hip Hop, Talk, Soul, and Gospel. Most of the time, it does play mostly old school music from the 70’s-90’s and some of today’s hits. Yes, I am referring to Magic 102.5 in which has partnered with 860 AM  WNOV months earlier. – That used to be the station that had former Milwaukee Alderman Michael McGee on it years back. (Older McGee) So far, it’s a radio station that I have drawn to because it’s not just the music like Alicia Keys, Erykah Badu, Sade, Robin Thicke, Janet Jackson, Corrine Ray Bailey, and any other old school hip hop artists: That’s like Digital Underground, Sugar Hill Gang, Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, Will Smith in his “Fresh Prince” Days with D.J. Jazzy Jeff, or Afrika Bambaata. Or classics singers like James Brown, Roger/Zapp, Michael Jackson, or Teena Marie.

But there is a main reason I listen to the radio station every day, and it’s mostly during the afternoons. You may have heard of this person but he tells it like it is: Michael Baisden. If you don’t know who he is, you are missing out! For real, Michael Baisden is a motivational speaker, talkshow host of TVOne’s “Baisden After Dark”, and author that brings his radio format to the station nationally; generally speaking, his radio show, “The Michael Baisden Show”  is a national syndicated program. He and comedian George Wilborn, bring not only important issues concerning the black community, or any community,  but also some humor that hits home. And just for the record, Michael Baisden is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. I listen to him mostly after Rockmond Jr’s “At Work Network” format which ends before 2:00pm.

In the last month or two, I recalled some issues that Michael did indeed touched on. And most have definitely hit home:

  • Race Relations
  • Bad Parenting
  • Spanking kids
  • Relationships gone wrong when couples cheat
  • Option of Women staying at home than working.
  • Competition between Men and Women.
  • Employment
  • Church Mess! Fighting, Gossiping and Infidelity in the Church! – Uh oh! This is a real topic. Any church can relate.
  • Church cliques – those groups that you might want to avoid every Sunday.
  • Churches between black and white congregational members. – As crazy as this sounds, he touched this topic.
  • Bad Neighbors or from his show, “Neighbors From Hell” (forgive me for saying this)- another real topic, and anyone in any city or suburb can realte.
  • Women making more income than Men, in terms of dating
  • Encouraging abstinence with kids

Also, Michael Baiden likes to get his listeners thinking in related topics. One example is trying to get those who are on the sidelines, get involved in being part of the solution. He touched on the stories that two prominent figures in the civil rights movement, Dorothy Height and Benjamin Hooks who recenlty died this year. Read about them if you don’t know. And there was a question that I thought I would never hear: “Where are the new leaders at?” Where are the 20 year olds, the 30 year olds, and 40 year olds? The new generation of Civil Rights?  He commented that Martin Luther King Jr. started to engage in the civil rights movement in his 20’s. 26 years old to be exact. He challenged those who are just complaining about what Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are doing (ala Roland Martin) and start thinking about getting involved in Public Office, or civil rights. There are folks in Milwaukee that do the complaining on the blogs and in the Journal Sentinel Fourms (that I don’t know of) need to get away from the computer or off the sidelines and go into civil rights or public office. Plus, Michael Baisden and George Wilburn would sponsor those who would actually accept the offer. No kidding. He actually said this. Even he also touched on topic about young teens and adults being murdered by older adults over little stuff. He recalled about a 19-year-old woman in Ohio, was killed by her aunt over the clothes she was wearing to a family outing. I’m not joking. This was real. And Michael Baisden asked the question: Where are the mentors? Does this sound familar? In addition he also said this similar about young black males. And again, “where are the mentors?”

Another thing that he is currently doing, is touring 74 cities in the U.S. on a trip under this organization called the “One Million Mentors Campaign“. This organization is on a objective to sign up for mentors across the country ranging from the 100 Black Men Organization, to the Boys and Girls Clubs; In order to get working with the kids. And guess what? “Potentially”, Milwaukee is on the list. So if you’re a Michael Baisden fan, and you want to see him in Milwaukee, contact the station on Facebook or directly.

In addition, starting in February 2011, he is thinking about starting a tour called the “I Love Black Women Tour”, in a way to reach out to the black women of America in areas of relationships, health, empowerment and more. The goal of this, is to try to let the black women know that hey, the black men still care. This event may include daughters also. Be on the look out for that.

Overall, Majic 102.5 is the first station in nearly 15 years that I have listened to since another 102 station that used to play urban music. Remember Hot 102? Plus the many of the old-school jams or joints, are usually for “grown-folks”. That’s 25-54 year olds. Plus females 35 years old and up. Or to quote Michael Baisden, “this is grown folks radio!” The formats and music will not be heard on any other radio station in the city. Including V-100, 103 KissFM. I like V-100, but Majic 102.5 brings me back to those songs that I grew up listening to since my middle school days, high school days, and further back to my childhood. That’s right I said it. My childhood from the 80’s. Slightly like Jammin’ 98.3.

So if you’re kind bored listening to the new stuff, which I don’t at mind at times, I highly recommend Majic 102.5 because of their style of formats. And who knows, this could get more attention around the Milwaukee region.


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