Still covering the wake of the removal of the High Speed Rail money that was allocated for Wisconsin, I just read today on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that Talgo is leaving the city sometime in 2012. The same year that we decide if Obama stays or goes from the White House. Now I want to ask all of those boondoggle calling, it will never work commenting folks a simple minded question. If and when Talgo leaves Milwaukee, what should go in the old A.O. Smith/Tower Automotive areas? What organization that you know very well would serve that spot? Huh, any ideas ringing? A local business? Come on Republican fans, your boy Scott Walker got this! What should go there?!!! Wait aren’t you the ones who voted for him to have the moniker that Wisconsin Is Open For Business? Believe in Wisconsin Again? – Sound Familiar? Really, Walker fans? Really Wisconsin Republicans?! Really?

How do you people sleep at night?

Obviously, you are somewhat enjoying your victory which was tainted overall with jobs leaving the state. And apparently you cram like moronic quacks over a company that you haven’t done good research on. And on the flip side, what does that say about attracting businesses in Wisconsin after what just happened? Can you explain that?

Personally, I do feel that Talgo was never given a chance to shine. Why? It’s because of our boondoggle attitudes, and when we see things that the other states have, we dream about it, and then………..POOF! gone with angry frowns and politics. I can’t imagine what would the next company coming in might think about Wisconsin after Talgo leaving. When word like this gets passed around, there will comments like: “I will not work nor expand my business in Wisconsin. Did they just dissed Talgo there?”

What about Wisconsin? – Their new Governor is a job killer! What were they thinking about this guy? Talk about shameful and embarrassing! He talks about creating 250,000 jobs to make, and he kills 5,000+. Stupid!

Dang, Wisconsin! You had it and you choked! You should have put the politics and feelings aside and thought about your residents job needs. Did you do that? Did your so-called Walker Governor did that? NO!

Or what about this: I knew Wisconsin would fumble, and there is a reason why: too many “boondoggle” comments, and being so petrified. What are they teaching their children?

Let me clarify this to Illinois, California, Florida and Washington State. I have nothing against you. You took the money fair and square because of Wisconsin’s bad behavior, and distainment of confusion with politics. We will learn to deal with this as much as losing a job opportunity. As far as the link with Minnesota, it’s going to take another round of opportunity to get Wisconsin’s act together over it’s boondoggle syndrome.

Speaking of job opportunities, you don’t pass them up. EVER! Because if you do, you’ll never get it again.  It’s best to get it when it’s still open and available. Former WTMJ Channel 4 anchorwoman Vivian King worked at the station for nearly 10 years. But her calling came when she was offered a management position of public affairs at Roundy’s headquarters in Downtown Milwaukee. She didn’t call it a boondoggle like many of you would, she took the opportunity and didn’t pass it up. That is how you cross the goal line!

This project was indeed a job that couldn’t get passed up. Ask those who already filled out their resumes, and job applications to try and get a job with Talgo. They probably will not get one because of the harsh politics surrounding High Speed Rail.

Scott Walker calls this a victory. Really?! This is not a victory. It’s only the beginning to surrender. And for that, Wisconsin had 810 million reasons to do it. Part of which came from those who have a boondoggle/it will not work/attitude.

Wisconsin maybe a proud state in other areas, but regarding this, one word: SHAMEFUL!

“A true patriot is a lover of his country, who rebukes and does not excuse it’s sins”…….. Frederick Douglass



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