Nothing Against Social Media, but……

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Uncategorized, YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!
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I’m going to shift my focus just a wee bit.

Social Media. You know that Facebook thing?

That previously MySpace thing?

That still 140 Thing?

Ok, you get it. I’m going to reveal a story to you that happened to me about three years ago. There was a site called blackplanet in which I took a part of gaining an interest to . Not because I’m African American in all, but it was about jobs. How come is it that when that site comes up, I’m being potentially watched by fake females? That’s right I said it. Fake females. Honestly I ran into them on BP by the names of “Stacy” and “Mary Lee”. ¬†Yep they seemed to be nice folks want to get to know you an all, but then came the issue of money. I didn’t get suckered in by one person, but by the other.

Now I can hear or read the comments like DUDE! Why did you do that?

I for one had to admit that it was wrong for me to get set up like that. I felt that it was a right thing to do by helping out, but apparatntly that wasn’t the case. Yes, I am bearing my soul on this because I don’t want no one else get tainted of what I went through. The last thing I did with “Mary Lee” was one, not to marry her, or it, and two the so-called relationship was one and done.

This is what I fear about these social media sites. I don’t mind going on them, but I rather go onto them with those that I know and well. Let’s face it. There are weirdos and crazies that will make Gov. Elect Scott Walker squirm. Henceforth, this is one of the true reasons that your’s truly is staying power of being single. You heard me right ladies. I am staying true to power as being a single man – FOR LIFE! Simply because it’s my choice. And it’s been my choice since I became an adult. Nothing against you all. I respect the female base as much as most of you respect the male base.

Getting back to my story here, yes, I have learned my lesson. And BlackPlanet better learn their lesson about letting in folks who are fake and trying to get money from those who are scamming up the tree. Now I did look their names up in a unusual site years later, and when I saw their pics, they were featured on a website that tells you to watch out for female scam artists online. MAN! I should have known. The consciouses were right on this one.

So to tell everyone that I didn’t go through the fake marriages, nor took it further. As for BlackPlanet, I deleted my account with them years back and just started new with Facebook.

Be careful!


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