SHAMEFUL!!!!!!! I told you so!

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Local, News and politics
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Congratulations, Wisconsin.

Let me say that one more time.

Congratulations, Wisconsin………………………….. For being shameful!

Just today that the Feds, Secretary Ray LaHood, and the Obama Administration will pull the 810 Million from the states of Wisconsin and Ohio, and will be redistributed to other states like Illinois, California and Florida. Plus other states too. But the low blow burner of all of this, is that Wisconsin will get $2 Million to upgrade the Hiawatha  Amtrak Rail Line from Illinois to Wisconsin.

I know that in my 34 years of life, I  have never seen this coming. I thought I would be able to at least to have a chance to see and experience High Speed Rail in my own state. Apparently, something told me that this would not be a deciding factor. And I think I know why that is. Personally, I know who is the blame for this and I’m going down the list to see who I feel would put the blame on.

First, I blame Scott Walker. Simply because he’s the one that originally wanted to have a rail system impletemented in the first place, during his earlier career jobs. But thanks to his “backwards” thinking in all, along with the “will of the voters” he’s going to regret this day the most, by buying into the bureaucratic talk of fear, and just negativity. He says he’s about the state is “open for business”, but what now about the state that closed a business?!

I also blame Former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson. The man who really wanted this to happen since the 1990’s, and since Scott Walker wanted to be governor so bad, he back peddled the thought of using the rail money for roads instead.

Third, I hate to say it Jim Doyle. He made an error of halting the project during the campaign, and leaving it up to Scott Walker. And yes, he wanted to move the state in the 21st Century-esque vision. But apparently the lowest move I think, was leaving it up to the Governor-Elect. And additionally the Tea Party of Wisconsin that don’t get it at all.

Fourth – I hate to say this. The people of Wisconsin, along with the attitiudes of boondongles. This is what happens when you mix your own attitudes and stubborness remarks. What is this about this state that can’t do nothing and making an assumption that it’s a boondongle, or it will never work? For the first time in my 34 years, I am about to say the words that I thought I would never say. I am ashamed, suprised and concerned as a resident. Very concerned. This would have been a great deal if the so-called people wouldn’t just act so scared and petrified over the talk about having High Speed Rail. I don’t see Illinois, California, Minnesota, or any other state complaining about this. Simply because THEY GET IT! They have more deals than Wisconsin and Ohio, but my question is…what is Wisconsin’s problem? What is Wisconsin’s problem of getting to attract new businesses or new products to the residents? I don’t know what it is. Just another “boondongle mentality attitude” ? Already the state is behind on other things like High Speed Rail. Such as fashion, and I dare say Hip-Hop. That’s right I said it!

Remember when Scott Walker said that “Wisconsin is open for business?” He lied. Walker has been a liar since 2002 and all you have to do, is refer to the things he took away in Milwaukee County that are transporatable: Think about the Milwaukee County Transit System. Cutting bus routes and raising bus fares.  And the scary part? He got paid. The senior centers (or some) cutting them or closing them, and getting the paycheck.  Also I did mention that he never finished college? Never got that degree? Talk about being uneducated. See that’s the problem, Wisconsin. You see things that are uneducated at times while remaining stubborn. Alot of us are probably going to die here by not changing for the better. And we can’t blame nobody but ourselves. Or should I say that “boondoggle attitude”! And yes, Talgo will go to another state despite of the deciding factors of our potential new leadership. SHAMEFUL!

If the Milwaukee-Madison High Speed Rail were to return to Wisconsin, and it would be affordable, would it ride? So I hope that the uneducated crazies in the Badger State, can enjoy their tainted victory. Because that’s all it was. Tainted.


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