Be Thankful 2010

Posted: November 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

I used to write this blog many years ago on Fox 6’s Blog Site. Since the site has been discontinued, I decided to bring my Thanksgiving blog here to Facebook, and my soon-to-be WordPress Blogsite. So sit back, relax, put your feet on the table, (hopefully NOT the dinner table) and just read the stuff I think that we can be thankful for.


  1. If you have a good paying job, Be Thankful.
  2. If you go to Church on Sundays (and participate), Be Thankful.
  3. If you think companies like Talgo should be given a chance to shine in Milwaukee, be thankful.
  4. If you have good talent (we all have this I think), be thankful.
  5. If you like to “Rethink Church” with some DJing in the sanctuary (That’s right I said it!) Be Thankful.
  6. If you are a Registered Voter that believes that voting can change things despite of opinion, Be Thankful.
  7. If you like to protest for good ideals like High Speed Rail in Wisconsin, and more paying jobs in the economy, Be Thankful.
  8. If you received an award settlement cash and continued to pay your bills that you couldn’t pay, Be Thankful.
  9. If you went to your High School Reunion, Alumni Networking Events, and helping your old Schools for celebrations, Be Thankful.
  10. If you made up with your H.S. Friends over a game, and staying cool, (not to call anyone out) always be thankful that you can continue to go on with that person.
  11. If you tried to reach out to a certain family member or friend that you want to settle the score, or bring closure, be thankful that you can do this with your might.
  12. If you went to your doctor, dentist, and eye doctor for good results of your appointments, be thankful.
  13. If you have the right to take pictures, and they are NOT hurt but helping, be thankful. (Please).
  14. If you have an issue with someone, and you did addressed that issue in some sort of fashion, just be thankful that it is settled!
  15. If you lost a family member in the past year, or a good friend, or maybe a family pet, and having the courage to try to have a good holiday (this is hard) but still be thankful that YOU can still try to go forward.
  16. If you added me as friend on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, or Tweetdeck, Be Thankful.
  17. If you like cheering for the things that matter to you, be thankful.
  18. If you joined a sorority, or thinking about it, be thankful that you can continue to serve. (Despite of the haters)
  19. If you are thinking about joining a fraternity on the alumni level (like me) be thankful that you can receive that opportunity.
  20. If you have new fresh ideas to share and make it work, be thankful.
  21. If you believe that perseverance is good for the soul, be thankful.
  22. If you like expressing your First Amendment Rights, definitely be thankful.
  23. If you have good writing skills, be thankful.
  24. If you added someone on Facebook, and they don’t delete you like it’s business, be thankful.
  25. If you did deleted someone on Facebook (without warning) and thinking about getting back with that person that you never had talked to, you better be thankful that you should be given a chance to well…..Talk.
  26. If you don’t drink or drive, nor use drugs, like the last answer, be thankful.
  27. If you support the President, be thankful.
  28. If you rep your city (or state), be thankful.
  29. If you have friends or family that are serving in the Military, be thankful that they can continue serve and protect America’s Freedoms.
  30. If you are unemployed and still seeking work, without giving up, be thankful.
  31. If you have to network to get a job, a promotion, or a hook up, be thankful.
  32. If you volunteer without pay and like it, be thankful that you are doing something than nothing.
  33. If you are single (or STILL SINGLE) despite of other opinions (I fit in this category) be thankful.
  34. If you are married with or without children, yes be thankful.
  35. And if you are spending time with family, friends, and associates in this first Thanksgiving of the new decade, with the food, football, holiday movies, macy’s and all: one more time for the list – Be Thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving


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