Rail Issues: Why I believe Scott Walker is dead wrong! – And serves as a prime example of Wisconsin’s lagging behind

Posted: November 10, 2010 in Decision Factors, Local, News and politics
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Ok here goes. I’m going to unleash of what I feel about this potential project for our State. If you must know, the state is Wisconsin, and recently, most of us elected Ron Johnson for U.S. Senate, and for the Govenror’s chair: Scott Walker. The first priority of the so-called Governor elect is to kill the rail project that he feels that it’s “run away government spending”. No one will ride it. I say: Really? This is the same guy who couldn’t cut his way up to Marquette University and graduate with  a bachelor’s degree over 20 years ago. As Milwaukee County Executive, yes, he was somewhat good in the beginning by helping out, but something changed later in 2002: Scott Walker dumped the ideas of transportation by eliminating some of the bus routes, raising bus fares, and closing some county related senior centers. Although he had cut taxes in his proposals in all, but some had to raised. This is the same guy who absorbed the negative energy from the so-called Tea Party when Michelle Malkin was here several months ago talking about “taking back America”. I ask Wisconsin again: is this the real deal of getting our state back in motion again? Is Scott Walker really responsible of getting us state residents to “Believe in Wisconsin Again?” & “Wisconsin is open for business?” Yes, I believe in Wisconsin too, but I don’t believe in Wisconsin of lagging behind with the rest of the country. – Which is not businesslike.

About the rails: Of all the obejctives in his agenda, the now-Governor Elect want to kill the train project. He like many others in this state feel it’s a “boondoggle” in terms of it would not work, and no one will ride it in all. I have a question about that so called statement. How are you going to kill a project nor an idea that hasn’t been tried yet? HOW?!!!!!! Those who make statements like that, are just jumping the gun. Making assumptions of what those should hear than experience. And also it’s breathing laziness and bad behavior. Wow Wisconsin!

Already, Wisconsin is getting some national and regional attention about this project and we’re already getting laughed at, cussed at, and also dissed about our so-called Governor Elect and his so-called “People of Wisconsin” of dissing the Federal dollars for the rail project. That also tells us that we Wisconsinites are just petrified of making things anew. Sort of like fashion and hip hop music – which are locally related that is.

There was a time that Wisconsinites dreamed big. Faced opposition. Faced negativity, red tape and also willing to move FORWARD. Take 1996 for example: This was about saving the Milwaukee Brewers. Remember that? I remembered if the Brewers hadn’t built the stadium, Miller Park, they would move out of Milwaukee and relocate to another team name. What was the words that the fans chanted? Oh….what was that? I know that my memory has some cloudy effects: Wait, wait, wait! I know. Build it now!

Remember that Wisconsin? BUILD IT NOW!

The same motivation that carried when the against George Petak.  -BUILD IT NOW!

The same motiviation that carried for folks who wanted to have jobs working for TGI Fridays in the stadium. Remember that?! – BUILD IT NOW!

The same motivation for trying to get Milwaukee on the map for tourist attractions in all – BUILD IT NOW!

In my almost 34 years as a resident of this great state, I’ve seen setbacks, false starts, and now “boondongles”.  As a resident I feel to compelled to say this, “I’m Ashamed”. I’m totally ashamed of the folks who are an example of lagging behind. Wisconsin at times was a “daring state”. Daring to be different. Daring to change. But apparently, that has to be a thing of the past. On the flip side, at times we dared in some areas for tourists and interests. Now to question those who might question me: Are you going to ride the “Madison-Milwaukee” train if it becomes built in all? The answer: of course. Just to get a chance to leave my GT Pontiac Grand Prix at home so I can visit the state capital in a day or so. What’s wrong with that? And what’s wrong with the scenario of actually taking alternative transporation to Madison? What about using it to go to UW-Stout, my alma mater (distance education), Minneapolis, etc. What’s wrong with that?! NOTHING!

I’m sure about well who’s going to pay about 30 bucks a ticket round trip? – I ask is there going to be discounts, specials, what?!!! Hook a brother up!

At least for once, Congresswoman Gwen Moore is still in the house on this issue. She feels that this Talgo/Rail Project thing would boost Wisconsin’s employment opportunities. Specifcally here in Milwaukee where it’s ranked number 4 on being a poorest city. – On that, you can put the blame on the democrats all you want. But the republicans like Scott Walker, Jim Sensenbrenner, Paul Ryan, and others would share the blame too. That’s right I said it!

If Scott Walker were to be a real politican, here’s what I want to see. I want to see him, Gwen Moore, Ray LaHood, Tom Barrett, President Obama, Jim Doyle, Tommy Thompson, Frank Busalacchi, Russ Feingold (I know he was defeated in all) getting together along with this project – with the public. Since Scott Walker was all about that the people of Wisconsin don’t want this project to commence, I say he needs to listen to those who want to see this happen. He should talk to those who have been laid off, fired from work, those who are still seeking employment, making ends meet, those who are in college studying engineering, those who really feel that this rail project should happen HERE! Talk to those in the African American Community also! Talk to those who currently have a job now with Talgo and how it benefits their families. With all do respect to NY, Florida, and Illinois they’re all good states. But we need to hype up our own state. Look at it this way, if Wisconsin can save Harley-Davidson, we can save this. I never thought I say this, but put in the Republicans who WANT TO SEE HIGH SPEED RAILS BUILT in America. Including Wisconsin! There, I said it!

However, if we don’t continue this to happen, this would be a prime example of why Wisconsin can’t move FORWARD with the rest of America. Which in the eyes of the other states, would be shameful that Wisconsin can’t get it done. And those would share the blame would goes towards everybody in the state. Including Scott Walker.

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