My Take: Guess Who’s Back?

Posted: July 30, 2010 in Life

My Take: Guess Who’s Back?

Since this is my first blog of the new site, let me ask the
question: Guess who’s back? That would be me. Now I’ve read and seen
some of the new stuff here on the Fox6now blog areas, and I must say
that I’m impressed. Faster and cleaner. And the thing is, I noticed the
most that videos can be upload on here. Interesting, like President
Obama giving his weekly address online from the White House. 

As usual, I’ll provide the blogs that I think would be worthwhile. In
sense of peace! Whether it be General, Policital, Sports, Entertainment
or just every day things. Plus, also in addition to the blogs of my
choosing, the "My Takes" that I write time after time, will be on here
as if that the old MyFoxMilwaukee hadn’t left. And when I write my blogs
on here, One: no dissing others because of race, gender, creed, class,
and others. No need for that.  Two: A sense of respect will be on here,
mainly for me. And three, I”ll be somewhat commenting depending on my

Finally, as far as audio and videos, time after time, I’ll post some
audio and videos in which goes along with my stories. Either with
chruch, community, or just with other stuff in general. Instead of you
reading what I write, you will be given a chance to see me on video
providing the same examples. So get ready, get set, and prepare for the
next phase of subjects that I’ll be showing up with. Great to be back.


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