Retro Blog 2008: My Take – H.S. Reunions and Downtown clubbing

Posted: February 18, 2009 in Celebrations, Reflections
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December 28, 2008
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On Friday, the day after Christmas I was on a special trip downtown to the 311 Restaurant. Now in case you don’t know, that site used to be the old Meauers Bakery on East Wisconsin Avenue. The event was special because, it marked a class reunion of catching up with my high school classmates.  If you looked at my about me section, I am a 1995 graduateof John Marshall High School. Yes, Marshall High School. And the theme was entitled “It’s been way too long”.  Also, this was the first timethat I went to a downtown nightspot, ever! Plus, I also meet some classmates that I didn’t knew at Marshall, but they only remembered faces.

The food was southern style of course, and it was good. I had a four chicken wing dinner with fries and southern biscuits. The drinks they served was by choice, such as a martini, sodas, juice, and other alcoholic drink on the menu. Just for the record, I had one featured on the menu to clarify!

What my impression of the club in general was not bad at all. I mean, I’ve heard stories previously about certain Milwaukee clubs are too segregated at times (remember Decibel Deepbar?), rowdy, wild, and etc. But this club, changed my perspectives a little bit because this establishment wanted to make the patrons feel welcome. When I got to the club, already there was band playing jazz music, some were at the bar and pool table having conversations while watching TV,  and the area that I was in, was all more of the same. The dinner time segments were served between 5pm-2am, and for the record, I did stay about 2:00am with my former classmates. The reason, like the theme said, It’s been way too long!

After 10:00pm the staging area was turned into a dance area, along with a DJ in the background playing music. Now this was Hip Hop/R&B music. Most of my classmates did have fun dancing to the beats. I on the other hand danced later on, and I got some rhythm, ya’ll! Other than that, it was a time reconnect with my classmates from 1995, as well as otherclasses like 1996, 1997, and 1994. Most I knew and remember werethrough old collaborations, you know, the same chatter as way back. But it was fun getting back in the saddle.

Like I said earlier, the 311 Restaurant deserves an A in book. Not only because of the music, bar and atmosphere, but because of the service it provides to each patron. Even if you’re a first timer like me. So if you need a place to go after work just to relax (like I did most of the evening), or get together for a special event , try the 311 downtown. It may not be the Water Street Brewery, or Mo’s Irish Pub, or any other club or bar, but this one, I think  has great expectations for creating a great

And on a side note, go to your reunions! Family or Class, just go and catch up.

This is my take, Right or Wrong. Just my thought.


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