Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

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I can’t even express the thoughts of what I’m about to write here. Then again, I might have some thoughts of feeling of ecstatic in a good way. I titled this as “My Special Take” in which I believe is my special Election Day 2008 blog. At 10:00pm, I was watching MSNBC, (on Satellite) and I was focusing on the words that Keith Obermann was commenting about the soon to be win for the now President Elect-Barack Obama. Get used to saying that: “President-Elect Barack Obama”. Like it or not. When the score of votes of 207-136 were flashed on the screen, the states of California, Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii began to turn blue, and when that happened: “GAME OVER!” Those two words were my reaction to the Obama victory, and out of reach for Sen. John McCain. I mean, I’ve heard from others older than me, like my late grandparents, great-grandparents, older family members, church members, and immediate family members, hearing and speaking that this day, those of my color (as on paper) would never get to see someone like Barack, a presidency. Well folks, let me be the first to say that has to be buried. Put that negative thought, and the “Bradley Effect”  into a mahogany prison and seal it.  I think this goes to show that this victory,( I can’t say for the next election,) but this election was something to prove. Of course, America can elect someone of a minority to lead the country, as someone would say on the outside. But the question is, how despite of the differences? By the way: A mahongany prison is a casket. Just to clarify.

Now what about Sen. McCain? Let me be the first to tell you all, that I think Sen. McCain as a human being, has nothing to be ashamed of. I’ll be the first to admit, that he’s given Obama a challenge among the obstacles. Not because he served this country, but as of staying in the game as long as he can during the debates and his campaign. For Gov. Sarah Palin, whom I think came out of the blue, no pun intended, also gave Obama/Biden a challenge. I can somewhat say this that she might be a formidable candidate to contend with, despite of her previous issues. And I say this out of respect.

Also, some or most of you are going to ask yourselves. And I know this:

  • How can our soon-to-be President Obama can lead?
  • How can he lead this nation as some would say “on the real?”
  • How can he do this?
  • What would he do?
  • What wouldn’t he do?
  • And how would this teach us and educate us in ways in which we must observe?

All of those questions I think would require some thinking, note taking, thought, prayer, brainstorming,  and overall I think: judgment. Those are the things I think, would get the new President-Elect going.

So you can say about much about Barack Obama. I don’t care. I mean, we all have our own opinions and mindsets, and that’s cool. But I can say this: Like him or not, you have got to give it to him. Give him his props, or as I Iike to call it: “Mad Respect.” I think it’s going to take time to get used to this. And I can add, that this country is still the land of opportunity. And I think Barack’s opportunity, starts now. I tip my hat to him, although I did put my money on him. But now, we’ll see how this 44th President really comes out. Time will tell. Why this post on a faith blog? Well, it’s about one word: Joy. Partially, Ecstatic in dictionary terms does mean joy. Already, Barack lost his grandmother, but gained a presidency. Some of us know what is like to have that dark/light scenarios. But I can fairly say, that now since he’s got this, he’s got really work it out. I can somewhat compare this victory to some sport and political historical moments:

  • The 1999 Wisconsin Badgers Football Team in which one sports analyst thought that the Badgers were the worst team to play in the Rose Bowl. They won the Rose Bowl.
  • The Packers winning the Superbowl in 1997 and waited 29 years to do it. Remember that?
  • Check this: 10 years ago, Minnesota elected Jesse Ventura as Governor and that was in his words “We shocked the world.” An ex wrestler winning the State’s Governor position.
  • 1992 when Bill Clinton won his election by beating former president George H.W. Bush in a landslide.
  • Or this past year when the U.S. Men’s Swim Team beat France in the finals to get the Gold Medal in the Summer Games. Hank Aaron grasping his homerun victory, Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in Baseball. Former wrestler Ron Simmons won the WCW Championship in 1992 and became the first African-American Wrestler to do it.
  • Don’t forget about Tiger Woods in 1997 and winning the Masters at 21 years old.
  • The Chicago Bulls winning their first NBA Title, with Michael Jordan, or if you’re a wrestling fan, this reminds me of going to Wrestlemania, and winning the Championship on the grand stage. The Boston Celtics winning their 17th NBA title, and yes, a World Series moment in which I can remember when the Florida Marlins, at one time beat the NY Yankees to secure their championship in an upset.
  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Oakland Raiders in their Superbowl victory. A proven point that defense wins championships.
  • Or like WWE’s Monday Night Raw surpassing 15 years and over 800 shows.
  • Or to be fair, the Brewers going into the postseason after 26 long years. I know that the Phillies beat them( and later went to the World Series), but at least they made it to the playoffs.

I could go on and on. Why I’m putting this on here? It goes to show you that despite of those examples, faith played a role in those scenarios! Imagine the church sermons on Sunday. I can hear them talking about this. Believe me!  Also, no doubt that this historic win will be talked about for years to come. And I know families, especially black families, will be telling their children, that you too can be anything you want as long as you put your mind to it. We need to tell our children that. I don’t have any kids, but I tell them, whether they know me or not. One of my living uncles once told me at age 18, that don’t let nothing stand in your way. I’m not going to let anything get in my path!

Former President, Ronald Reagan used the term “It’s Morning Again in America.” Well for most of us, it is morning and I think, were all awake. Now it’s time to really work together. Get the country back in order, and mostly get ourselves back in order. That’s right. If you want to be strong on the east coast, or the dirty south, you better be strong of where you are in your life. And show the rest of the world that America could carry this out. I may not like some bloggers outbursts of disappointment, but I can say I respect them as human beings. Were all human. We probably don’t know the full extent of what the future holds. But we have to work at it. Just like looking for a job in a brutal economy. I’m out everyday looking for work not only because of my Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Management, but to better myself. That is an objective in the works.  So, it’s time to work it out and get moving.

This is my “special take”. Right or Wrong. Just my thought.


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