Arthur Jones is Keepin Em’ Honest

Posted: December 31, 2007 in News and politics


Dec 21, 2007 | 5:04 PM
Category: News

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If you haven’t been paying attention to 1290 WMCS in the last three months, there is a new format on the station that is a familiar face. I’ll cut to the chase, Chief Arthur Jones is Back! But not as Police Chief. He’s back in the public eye on the radio. For the last three months, the first African-American Police Chief of Milwaukee, has brought new topics on his show which is entitled "Keepin Em’ Honest". (Really, that’s the name of his show) During the last couple of months, he has teamed up with Tyrene Jackson with her format show "TJ Live" once a week between 10am – 12pm. By the way, I know Tyrene very well. We attend the same church!

Moving on, during the last couple of days, the show was focused on Gun Control, the rate of the electrical hike from WE Engeries, and a debate where to put Prison Felons: Parole or No Parole. For the Gun Control, there was a split down the middle about whether or not citizens should be able to own a gun. Most of the feedback was geared toward "no" because of the violence in the streets this year. Another reason, resources and money. When those two words come together, the questions asked: "Where are the guns coming from?" or "Who’s buying or distributing the weapons?" – This question was mostly came from registered gun owners, but I think there was another side to it for distribution based on the callers reactions.

The current rate increase from WE Engeries was another topic. I was working at my secretary’s desk at work when I heard this story and comment. Most of the callers, were not as pleased about the announcement by the price range hike based on how to pay for heat and electricity during the winter months. There was a comment about having a meeting together between WE Energies and those who are concerned about the price hike.  I know that  some wouldn’t be able to afford to pay due to hike, but likewise there has to be a way for those who can get help with this matter even more. Similar the last topic, mostly geared to concerns of coming up with solutions.

Last, but not least, Prison Felons. This topic was at a dead heat among the callers. There was a debate whether or not to give them Parole after they are released from jail for their time of violation. One of the callers and commented that they should be separated in a room and get a feeling of being isolated from those who have been harmed. No joke. That’s what some of the callers said!  Another caller commented that parole doesn’t work at times, but life in prison is a factor for punishment. On another segment, Chief Jones invited a local pastor to share his insight on this topic. The pastor mostly commented that the key is the "anger within". He also talked about examples of growing up without a father, those who came from families are in gangs, and many examples of broken relationships. The pastor also mentors with individuals with these problems and to help find a plan in order to give solutions to sustain healthy relationships.Overall, Chief Jones’ show is interesting to listen to. The most of the topic editorials have gained an interest to his audience in the three months of hire. Mostly African American. There was an article about him mentioned in last week’s Journal Sentinel in which he also came on to 1290 to publicly say about the issues that affects him. It also gave him a chance to react to the public officials, and the Journal Sentinel of the criticisms that he faced during his tenure as Chief. Plus he did comment about media’s view of Nan Hegerty’s tenure, and the plans of incoming Chief Edward Flynn. (By the way, Eugene Kane covered this story, and it’s all not bad. Here is the link for the story.) As I listened to him to give his viewpoints of the issues of Milwaukee, he brings a new thought in order for us to think about. You may not agree of what he says, but he tries to tell it like it is from an articulate, honest, and intellectual manner. Check him out once a week between 10am – 12pm on 1290 WMCS.


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