My Top CD’s of 2007

Posted: December 30, 2007 in Entertainment

My Top CD’s of 2007

Dec 26, 2007 | 11:09 PM
Category: Music

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"Bring that beat back!" – Public Enemy

OK. So now it’s time to reveal what I think were the best CD’s that made the cut in the year of 2007. There was alot to choose from, especially in the urban category. So with that being said, before the ball drops, and the champagne uncorks, I want to summarize my best CD’s from the year. By the way, I looked at an article from today’s Journal Sentinel, which gave me an idea.

1) Joss Stone – Introducing Joss Stone – This album I remember came out at the beginning of the year. Joss I think really shined in this album very well with her voice of British Soul. "Tell Me ‘Bout It" was I think was one of most carried jams on the album with others like "Put Your Hands Up". Really you have to listen to them to get a feel for it.

2) Timbaland- Timbaland Presents: Shock Value – Really this came as a surprise in my view. Timbaland continued to make new beats in this album mostly for a dance, pop, rap, and rock genres. "The Way I Are", "Throw It On Me", and "Give It to me" were the songs that stuck out because of the commercials, WWE Divas, and others.

3) Alicia Keys – As I am – I think this Album may be the best of the year, along with Mary J. Blige’s album of Growing Pains, because I think the best songs of "No One", "Superwoman", "Go Ahead" and "Wreckless Love" had that soul and r&b flow to them. It’s a good CD overall.

4) Angie Stone – The Art of Love and War – Like Timbaland, this album was a surprise also. Angie Stone has talent, yall! And this album has proof of it. Check "Take Everything In", "Happy Being All", "My People" and the two most played singles, "Make It Last" and "Baby". She, I think brought Stax and soul music back to remind us where it really came from.

5) Jay-Z – American Gangster – Jay-Z said that American Gangster inspired him. Well, I think it did. And I also think that it stood another tone for the movie, which I think was one of the best drama/Gangster movies that came out in a long time. The best? try "Pray", "American Dreamin’", "Roc Boys (And the winner is)…", and the self titled "American Gangster". If you listen to that song, it’s has a sample from Curtis Mayfield. And getting back to American Dreamin’, it’s has a sample from Marvin Gaye as well. The album overall, fits like a glove.

6) Common – Finding Forever. Most say that Common’s album was Number 1 this year. If you haven’t heard of Common, he is a rap artist, but he raps consciously almost like Kanye West, in my view. If you check the songs of "The People", "Southside", and Black Maybe" these songs, I think are best on the album. Southside also features Kanye West.

7) Kanye West – Graduation. Remember the Kanye/50 Cent wager? We all know who won this one. But anyway. Despite of this years downfall of not getting a Moonman from MTV, and the death of his mother, Kanye’s Graduation CD didn’t disappoint. "Stronger" was I think the popular song from the album. And yes he did a song about Barry Bonds featuring Lil’ Wayne. Besides "Stronger", "The Glory", "Big Brother", and "I Wonder" are runner up songs that Kanye raps consciously.

8) R. Kelly – Double Up. R. Kelly. Despite of the troubles he’s going through, I think R. Kelly continued to rise up musically. Double Up was a prime example in my view. Yes, I’m a "mark "of a little R. Kelly songs in my collection, which had most dancer "Stepping" in 2003. Double Up’s song of "I’m a Flirt remix" was I think the most played single this year. Check the charts, folks. Other than than, songs like "The Champ" had a that get ready feeling of conquering those in the path. Almost like a Muhammad Ali presence in his prime. He collaborated with rapper Swiss Beatz for the song. Also, he collaborated with Ludacris and Kid Rock in "Rockstar", to have a rock, rap and r&b connection.

9) Prince – Planet Earth. What can I say about Prince? One word: Legend. We are familiar with the single, "Guitar" from the Verizon Wireless commercials, aren’t we? (Just joking!) No seriously, Prince continues to spread out his craft in this album. Other songs that caught my ear this year( hey that rhymes!) are "Mr. Goodnight" which has him vocally raps on the song, and "Chelsea Rodgers", has a soul, funk rhythm to it. Overall, it’s good song. In addition, it’s a decent CD to have for good music crowds.

10) Mary J. Blige – Growing Pains. What a way to close out 2007 and open 2008. Mary J. Blige’s latest album to me has energy of positive messages. Mostly for women, and those who are in any struggle, in my opinion. Some say that she’s not the same Mary since 1992, but I think she mature more in this CD. I mentioned this in another blog. Well to review, check the songs of "Work That", "Grown Woman", "Just Fine", "Stay Down", "Fade Away", and "Come to Me (Peace)". The last one has that 80’s feel of rock, pop and r&b beat to it. Who knows, that this CD could be a contender for a Grammy.

Those I think made my runner up in my view:

Shop Boyz – Rockstar Mentality.
– I have to give some props to the Shop Boyz in regards to keep the Rock and Rap Music thing going. I know that "Party Like A Rockstar" was their bread and butter this year, but I think that they need to expand more to get noticed. Just my opinion.

Amy Whinehouse – Back To Black – One word. "Rehab". That was the song that most folks remember. I know about her troubles this year, but I think this album was fair in it’s aspects of keeping the soul thing going like Joss Stone. She does have a voice though. I also listened to songs of "He Can Only Hold her", and "You Know I’m No Good" – (Remix version).

Most of these were a favorite for some reason. We all know what those reasons are. Like I said, these are my favorites that I feel "made the cut" in 2007.


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