Be Thankful

Posted: December 13, 2007 in Life
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Be Thankful

Nov 18, 2007 | 12:46 PM


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Ok. Thanksgiving is coming.  The fourth Thursday of November. I can’t help enough to set aside and give thanks for the things that we receive or give each time. It occurs to me that every time I see advertisements in stores it’s always between Halloween and Christmas and a little of Thanksgiving. Boggles the mind. I see little of dining sets and inflatable turkeys of Thanksgiving and a whole lot of Christmas decorations! Well, anyway between Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas I like to call “the giving seasons”.  Why? because I think we give more around this time than any other day or season on the calendar. Just my opinion.

What’s on the menu for me on Thursday? Nothing but the Food, Fellowship, Family, Football and just being together. I might be able to do a errand routine of getting extras of nutmeg, butter, buying the thanksgiving edition of the Journal for reading and shopping previews. Also, I’ll play my Madden 08 game a couple of times during
the day. For this Thanksgiving, there is going to be a missing factor because my late grandfather, Ernest McClinton, Sr.  is not going to lead us in prayer. He is deceased now. But that’s OK, because probably my sister will lead us in prayer in place of him. Also, I think that this year’s Thanksgiving will be a new jump start of my dad’s side of the family. Traditionally, my family might attend a Thanksgiving Eve service Wednesday Night at one of my sister churches in the city.

So now come the imfamous question: “What I am thankful for?” or maybe “What are you thankful for?” Each of us being here is thankful for something or someone. A new job, or current promotion, being in school working on a degree, having your car repaired so many times, looking for a job so many times, but the work and the beat goes on. For supplement, I have copied my final thought  comment from MySpace. (not my final final thought) just to extend a further thing to read about.

To those of us here in America, Happy Thanksgiving. Well, at least be thankful for the fact that if you’re reading this blog, be thankful that you’re reading it while still living.

If you have a steady job, be thankful.

If you have a outlet to go in case of help, when everyone else is closed or locked out, be thankful.

If you are looking for a job, and still haven’t found a darn thing, try to be thankful that you’re out there looking instead of sitting at the house.

If you have a good relationship, either personal or business, be thankful.

If you go to church on Sundays,  or during the week for activities, be thankful.

If your familiy still helps you out at age 30 and up, be thankful.

If you take time to volunteer, be thankful.

If you are single and not looking for love, like me, be thankful!

Ok, If you are dating and planning to get married, be thankful.

If you have kids, or planning to have kids, be thankful.

If you have a family member or friend that is joining the Military, or Clergy, or a Guardian Angel, try to be thankful for that person.

If you have relatives or immediate family members that can take you in when one else could, be thankful.

If you have relatives or immediate family members that you never met, nor seen in a while, and they come over, be thankful!

If you have former church members that you haven’t seen in a while, and they make a suprise appearance, be thankful.

If you know someone that lost a family member, or in jail, and you constantly go and visit them each time out of your schedules, be thankful.

If your pet died, and if someone you know gives you another dog, or cat, be thankful.

If you have a buddy system, that you go over and help your buddy out, and your buddy does the same thing, be thankful.

Overall, Thanksgiving here in America to me is being “thankful”. And if you had family members who had passed on, and couldn’t make it for Thanksgiving, be thankful.


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