Special Birthday Blog: Preparing the Way

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Dec 5, 2007 | 11:49 PM
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Before I begin this blog, I got say these words: Happy Birthday to Me! and I mean it. By the time this blog is posted, I think you would read it on December 5th,  the same day that I share my B-day with Little Richard, Walt Disney, Frankie Muniz, Margaret Cho, President Martin van Buren, (Not Bush!),  and Doctor Dre, a former rap star/actor now radio person, who at one time was teamed with another rap artist turned radio personality, Ed Lover, This is my first blog that I am writing on a day that means to me just as having a good, vocal, spiritual,  and at most times gracious family.  I would add that the age I’m turning is the same as Al Harris’ jersey, which I bought a replica version at a local sports store! – But no need to go into that!
Why the B-Day blog? I think it says itself as an example. Back in church on the 2nd, my pastor talked about "Preparing The Way", as in prepping for this Advent season. Now, he wasn’t talking about breaking out the Christmas decorations and putting up the tree, ornaments, wreaths, stockings and etc, in order to get as I call, "Advent-ready", or going into "Holiday-mode" through the 12th month of the year.  He reviewed about the preparing the way for the real meaning of Christmas which involves the birth of Christ. I know that it has been reviewed over and over again on this site, but it is truth.  We have to remember in this advent season that it’s not about the gifts, it’s also about the thought. Yup, the thought! Remember the scene in "Martin" when he went out and bought a gift for Gina? Instead of underwear, it was a footstool. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go get the the first season of Martin on DVD.  Yes, this is the same Martin Lawrence that was in the WildHogs movie this year. Think about the thought when gift buying for your closest individuals this holiday season. I on the other hand will be doing the same later on in the month.
Now since I’m turning another age, it come to new challenges. First, like Christmas, this will be the first birthday that I will be celebrating without my grandfather. I mentioned before he died in March of this year at 94. But I know that his precesnce will be felt some way or another. I’m not sad that he is no longer with me to look after, but I know that the memories and lessons taught will always be a review of refreshment. Matter of fact, this will be the first birthday for me without all my grandparents, but like the entertainment business, the show must go on.
Another challenge to me is to question, what I am going to do now? This is question that I really can’t answer but it will have to develop during the year upcoming. Yes, I would like to be involved in the election work of helping citizens to register to vote. Did I mention that I volunteered as a Poll Worker? Also some things will remain the same for me of looking and getting that job that would reflect my objectives of my Bachelor’s Degree from Stout. Some say that I should go into teaching. But to think, I don’t know! I also have thoughts about learning to ride a motorcycle, or a snowmobile, but I don’t know. An also, like every year, my  family and I will spend more time with each other.
But getting back to "Preparing the Way". Let me end this by saying that we all have to prepare things in order to go a way which we can lead, teach, learn, and grasping opportunity. Or in this case, "the American Dream".  Lord knows that I’ll be doing it, continuously. Even with Christmas, or as I like to call: "The greatest holiday of all time", we must prepare ourselves of the true meaning, and the thought of individuals that reminds us of sharing with one another.
To conclude: Happy Birthday to me! and Happy Birthday to those who are December/Sagittarius/Capricorn  born!


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