Stop clogging my Inbox!

Posted: November 16, 2007 in Uncategorized


Ok, I’m going to do something that needs to be said. Apparantly an evil rose had risen back from the dead know as "Paris". The same chick who has her own original myspace page that has been constantly sending me and maybe some of you messages that she’s coming to anyone of our hometowns with her friend and show them a "good time." Folks, this Paris chick is a fraud, in my opinion, that wants attention. Ok she has a good body, but does she have good brains? I did a research the fact that she is not from Dallas, or the South. She’s Canadian. Now I have nothing against our Canadian Brothers and Sisters, but this Paris Pirelli chick, I dispise so much. In one way or another, if you get these so called messages from "cutie" or "ohiyamahottie" or  many more, that’s her trying to get to you. Don’t even also give your email address or webcam address because you don’t know what she’s about. Oh, be on a look out for this Trista Stevens, who have been sending messages out to get attention. I don’t give a rats carcass who she is, where she’s from, nor what she’s does for a living. Oh she’s from Canada also, that has her own myspace page too. And she’s got a good body, and has her own x-rated site. BIG FREAKING DEAL!!!!! Like I care about that. Like I would be drawn to that. Trista, Paris you are one of the reasons why I think you’re giving Myspace a hard time. And giving mature brothers in the United States a hard time with your so-called pick ups. Do you actually think that you would win with your scam? Get real chicks. You may have good bodies and flaunt them like Karrine Steffans or Jenna Jameson, but you need to get over me, period! Didn’t I say I’m not looking for love? Hello, You don’t get it. Get that through your thick skulls! MySpace, Tom are you reading this??????

Want another website Trista/Paris, go to or Fubar to get attention. Oh believe me you can upload your stuff on Pornotube in case you want attention. Or Fubar, you can drink and get attention at the same time, but wait there are some who won’t care and just move on. Because either their Married, or not looking for love. But if you see me online, you will see me, but I will be blocking your carcasses! And that’s all I have to say about that!


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