October is here! Time to be scared-again!

Posted: November 16, 2007 in Uncategorized

It’s Back!!!!! The tenth month of the year is here. We will encounter the dates that has a significance effect on the month of October. First the path to Halloween begins on the 7th with the State of Wisconsin voting debates of Jim Doyle and Mark Green. Ooooh Scary! Then the path continues through Columbus Day in which it is more of a federal holiday for banks and the post office. Also, remember 06-06-06? well that has another wait for a century, but there is a common date we all know and well: Friday the 13th. The same date that the movies "The Grudge" and "The Marine" will make their debuts. Expect Fright Fest make a impact, and the Halloween Stores around Milwaukee get freeked with costumes, candy, and trick or treating. Milwaukee will get it’s trick or treating exposure once again on the 29th as well. And don’t forget the movies. Movies of a horrorlike feel will impact the 10th month, including Michael Jackson’s Thriller. What about the World Series? Don’t really care eh? Furthermore, I think the sun will set faster in the OCT around the 29th, which DST will end. The 30th and 31st will official end with Devil’s night and Halloween. All in all, October is going to be a frightful, but fun!


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