This ” model” needs to chill out!

Posted: September 30, 2007 in Life

read something disturbing and sad on the net today about about a
certain America’s Next Top Model contestant. No, It’s not Toccara nor
Tyra Banks. I am referring to Adrienne Curry. We all know her from
America’s Next Top Model and having a relationship, now marriage to
Christopher Knight from the Brady Bunch.  She wants to boycott and
erradicate the streak of Black History Month, and BET. Why is she
saying this? Let me ask, what is her motive for saying this? I want to
know.  According to her, here are some "snippets" that I researched
from the website:

"This is gonna be hard
guys. I LOVE the comedians on BET. I also LOVE the fact that they play
my favorite show of all time, In Living Color. However, I do not
believe in seperating ANY RACE in America. WE ARE AMERICANS! How dare
we have Black History Month! In my eyes, the Native Americans deserve
it MUCH more, seeing how we destroyed their ENTIRE SOCIETY. There are
hardly any of them left! They also have been proven to have the WORST
living conditions on their reservations. I want AN AMERICAN HISTORY
MONTH. One where we learn about EVERY race, ALL OF OUR LEADERS,
EVERYONE! I think by having a month dedicated to one race, and not one
for any other, is RACIST. Every fund set up to only help people of one
race is SICK and RACIST."

BLACK WOMAN FROM AFRICA, THAT is our EVE! It has been proven by
science, and I stand by it. If any other race had a chanel dedicated to
just them, we would think it was racist. If any other race demanded a
month be set aside for ONLY them, they would be considered racist. I am
NOT living by this double standard any longer."


call my mother on this one! What is her dilemma of having black history
month every February? What is her dilemma of having BET shown almost in
every household in America? I don’t know based on her comments, but I
think it’s very vague and not cut to the point. I guess Adrienne Curry
didn’t check the history books on how Black History was formed.  The
history of Black History Month goes back to 1926, by a man named Carter
G. Woodson. Often known as the Father of Black History. Originally,
Black History Month was Negro History Week, which sole purpose was to
recoginize the orgins of black achivements in America. His purpose at
the time was to formulate the accomplishments during that one week, at
at a time when American History didn’t pick up what black history
scripted. By 1976, the year that I came into the world, that "Negro
History Week" was transformed into what is now, "Black History Month".

me, as an African American male, I don’t mind celebrating black history
month every February for 28 (sometimes 29 days counting leap years)
days in the year. Nor, I don’t mind watching BET every now and then to
capture the latest in Black entertainment. In the last couple of days,
I have watched shows like S.O.S. in which tells a documentary of those
who suffered through Hurricane Katrina. Another is called Hip-Hop vs
America, which was a debate about the current state of hip-hop viewed
as a negative or positive. (what do I think about it, that’s what I’m
going to comment next!) Really, I don’t mind watching the channel at
all. Even if it’s "We Got To Do Better" or Hot Ghetto Mess. I am
reminded of my black heritage every day whether it’s my mother telling
me about the blacks soilders who help liberated Europe during WWII in
late September, and adding that they were there first! Last year, my
Pastor gave a lecture about the Buffalo Soilders who fought after the
Civil War and never got the recognition because, they were black on
Veterans Day. Or me recognizing the contribution to black music in the
month of June. Or my late grandmother, Elsie Burton having an influence
on a famous entertainter like Tina Turner during her abuse days with
Ike during the spring time. It’s like I don’t complain about March
being as Women’s History Month, or September is Hispanic Hertage Month.
Now, I’m not going to be like Adrienne Curry and make a protest on my
myspace page to have the Black History Month phenomoneon, nor  BET
buried in a masolueum. It’s cool to celebrate and recognize ethnic
cultures not just monthly, but every day. Including Black History. But
people like her should not be aggrivated at a certain month and
occasion that takes place every second month of the year!

also said that organizations are sick and racist. – What? So that means
that the United Negro College Fund is a racist organization? come on
now! I’m glad that there are organizations like this that have an asset
for blacks in order to generate assistance for college scholarships.
For Adrienne Curry, she like countless others, who I think, wish the
death of Black History Month, are in this same boat of what I think is
"misunderstanding the origin". Plus, it’s kind of embarassing for
people who pitch into support their way up to superstardom and turn out
like this.  People like her don’t speak for me. I know she’s 25 and
Christopher is 49, has her own mind, famous model, appeared on The
Surreal Life, and has a show called My Fair Brady on VH1. And to think,
I have heard this outcry before out of other famous and infamous
individuals or groups to have this banned forever. This is nothing new.

All I can say is, we must continue the legacy and the streak
of Black History Month as an influence to have all people to learn
from. Just like the other ethnic history months. Also,  have the black
community continue to learn from "slavery to salvation", and the
sacrifices that it took to get further. They say these are tough times
like the Jena 6 is going through. But 50 years ago, the Little Rock 9
were trying to intergrate their school and have suceeded. It was rough,
but they survived. In addition, there maybe some facts or hidden
stories about African Americans that have never been dug up. Adrienne
says that blacks should get over slavery. I think some have not
forgotten about it ,and still talking about it this day in age of new
technology, Hip-Hop vs America, Satellite TV Taxes, and etc. Why? it’s
just like the African slogan: You never know where you’re going, until
you know where you have been.

To further my backup sources: check out the sources from, and if possible, check Adrianne Curry’s blog on myspace. Plus she has a follow up on her "boycott", also.

Word of warning: her comments are uncut!

And to add……Check out "The Origins of Black History" on the website.


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