Welcome to September!

Posted: September 3, 2007 in Uncategorized

The ninth month is upon us once again. The month that the words of school, autumn, labor, patriot, new tv shows, and football has definite meaning. Let me clarifiy what the four words mean in my view:


School – Can you hear it? Can you see it? Do you have it? Do you need it? No not that. Three words: Back To School. Yup, time to go back to the books, homework, class activities, etc. It’s time to go back and start getting the grades, riding the cheese or the city bus. Time to put up with the teachers and other students. But other that, this is one reason to start the month.


Autumn – September 23rd will be known to us as the first day of autumn. Time to see trees to change color from green to orange/yellow. All the reasons are to notice change in the month as we’re approaching the cold months – depending on where you live.


Labor – Every first monday of September is Labor Day, a day to set aside for those who work 365 days a year. Those who are teachers, plumbers, electricians, pipefitters, printers, drivers, package workers, and any other working labor duties that are out there. Plus, the unions have parades and celebrations for themselves and families. Also, even though that the day is destined for laborers, unemployment is a major issue that needs to be healed for those who must get back to being skilled and getting paid.

Patriot- 9/11 will always be the day in my opinion that America received the biggest smackdown in the country’s history. We all remember what we did that day, either school, work, or whatever. I know that Kanye West’s and 50 Cent’s albums drop in stores on this day, but set aside sometime just to remember what really happened and how we could set the tone from disaster to determination.


New TV Shows – This is the first time I think that the networks will have all new shows. Back in the day, I remember more returing shows, like Smackdown, and Real Time. Not the case this time. I think one of the new shows I’m looking forward to is the new TMZ show. Based from the website,  I think this might have a chance to go further in depth about the problems and solutions for the stars. Another is the Steve Wilkos Show. Steve from Jerry Springer is going forward to his talk show that displays "real talk".  I know that the change is going to be hard for Jerry, but hey sometimes in life you have to take a chance. I have seen Steve doing his format on Jerry Springer and it seems that he might bring a new side of talk show format. But we’ll see.

Football – Football is back. College has started, and the NFL begins on Thursday. Who’s going to win this year? And what will the Packers do to improve? Is Brett Favre going to break the record? Will Chicago faulter from the NFC North? Can the Wisconsin Badgers be a threat in the Big Ten Again? – With the Red Pants? I see two words for this team: Bowl Bid.


Yes, September is back. And already, Halloween candy is in the stores. A bit of Thanksgiving and some Christmas Decorations! And there is only 3 months left in the year of 2K7.


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