I survived! ……….after one year as an alum.

Posted: May 13, 2007 in Uncategorized

It is May 13th, 2007. Mother’s Day.  I can never forget the weekend that I truly gave my mother a cool present. What I am referfing too? My commencement moment from UW-Stout. Last year on the same date, I have excercised my rights and privilages to participate in the commencement last year, and I remember going through all the sentimental crap that I had to put up with in before getting the degree. Yeah, I know that but that is what I had to go through, not only as a student, but a black man.

Within one year as an alumus of Stout, I have worked at UPS twice, strained my shoulder, nearly received a ticket for parking illegally by the company(I hold Ty responsible), worked for the City of Milwaukee as an election poll worker, redidicate myself to the church, working part-time as a interim janitor, losing my grandfather to an illness, and above all else, trying to compete myself with the chance of big time employment. So, in the spirit of me doing what I want for Stout, on this one year anniversary, I will continue to do the things that my heart desires. I’m not going to front on this but I guess I need to take up a notch.


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